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Without beating around the bush, we aim to teach you IELTS to the point. With us, you will prepare to get more than 7 bands on your first attempt.

Our IELTS Resources

We have been teaching IELTS for more than six years. From our experience, we know each student is different. Some just need a little push while others need thorough assistance. We understand these differences.

So, we have created different unique resources.

We know many students don’t have many resources to prepare well for IELTS. Some are short on time while others cannot invest in IELTS class. We understand that. So, we have created IELTS Essential. It is free of cost. You need not sign up.

Suitable for students, who wish to

Free IELTS courses

Want to learn more advanced IELTS strategies?

IELTS Samples

IELTS Samples can help you to prepare better for IELTS Speaking and Writing sections. Here are many samples that our students have written. Read them and improve your IELTS scores.

Authors of the IELTS course

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj has mentored many students preparing for IELTS. He has a knack of simplifying complex concepts and strategies. So, you will find his lectures on Writing and Speaking practical and useful. Also, he spends his spare time in Yoga and Meditation.

Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti has completed her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in India. She is an observant and practical teacher. So, her ways of tackling the Listening and Reading sections are effective. As a result, many students have scored a perfect 9 bands on these sections.