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IELTS preparation at home

Without beating around the bush, we aim to teach you IELTS to the point. Prepare to get more than 7 bands on your first attempt.

IELTS Preparation

Learn more about what is IELTS?, Which IELTS is better for you? and How to prepare for IELTS?

IELTS Lessons

Know about the types of questions asked on IELTSstrategies to solve them and common mistakes students commit on IELTS

IELTS Resources

Acquire the basic skills needed to crack IELTS. They will help you to be prepared for IELTS Writing and Speaking skills. 

IELTS Samples

Copying is an easy way to absorb language skills. Here are IELTS samples by students and comments on teachers. 

IELTS Success stories

Authors of the IELTS to the point

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj has mentored many students preparing for IELTS. He has a knack of simplifying complex concepts and strategies. So, you will find his lectures on Writing and Speaking practical and useful. Also, he spends his spare time in Yoga and Meditation.

Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti has completed her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in India. She is an observant and practical professional. She has helped tremendously in improving our offerings for students. As a result, many students have scored a perfect 9 bands on these sections.