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Watch 55 video lectures to learn IELTS format, question types and strategies. Practice on more than 70 tests. Get feedback to find your strengths and weaknesses. Solve 5 mock tests to ensure you are best prepared for IELTS.

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How do we replicate classroom?

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While coaching 3500 students on IELTS in the classroom in the last five years, we have conceived the best IELTS strategies and feedback methodologies. Using them, we have created a thorough IELTS preparation platform to recreate the experience of classroom learning.

Where do I start my IELTS preparation?

Step 1: Learn the skills required to crack IELTS.

1.1 Absorb the essentials through live sessions.

You begin your IELTS journey with free live sessions every weekend. In these lectures, we teach the basic skills needed to crack the exam.

1.2 Watch pre-recorded IELTS lectures

We have pre-recorded detailed lectures which take you, step by step through all IELTS sections. As a result, you understand question pattern, question-types and strategies in detail.

1.3 Cross-check your understanding with questionnaires.​

To check how much have you understood, we have designed questionnaires. Once you identify your weaknesses, watch video lectures again.

What if I still don’t understand the strategies?

Step 2: Practice actual IELTS tasks.

2.1 Master each step of the strategy with assignments

Our assignments break down the strategy into small steps and offer hints on each of these steps so that you can master all the tactics.

2.2 Solve practice tests to master each IELTS section.

Practice tests have softer time restrictions. The main aim of these tests is to ensure that you recall the strategies that you have already learnt.

But how will I know whether I am improving or not?

Step 3 Get regular feedback

3.1 Compare your response with model answers.

We have written elaborate model answers so that you know how you should think and respond. Such detailed explanation provides you with valuable insights.

3.2 Ask your doubts on online community

Use our in-built chat functionality to ask your doubts, and our expert trainers would respond. You may even contribute to the community and interact with other students.

3.2 Live sessions to discuss mistakes.

Despite all the inputs, you may need more mentoring. So, we conduct live feedback sessions to discuss your doubts and offer solutions to improve.

Still, will I be able to perform well on actual IELTS test?

Step 4. Solve Mocks and get one on one reviews.

4.1 Solve mock tests and get exam ready.

This step is essential to ensure that you can take the actual exam pressure. If you are preparing for the paper-based test, you will be able to take a paper-based test as well. You can again compare your answers with the model answers in the system.

4.2 Get one on one individual feedback

This is the most crucial step as we offer one on one corrections and suggestions to improve on your mock tests. You have an opportunity to discuss each sentence with our trainers. As a result, you will be able to score your dream scores.

Our IELTS Courses


How do I start my IELTS preparation? 

We have been teaching IELTS for more than five years. From our experience, we know each student is different. Some just need a little push while others need thorough assistance. We understand these differences.

So, we have created three unique courses.

We recommend you start with IELTS Essential and then upgrade to the next course.

IELTS Essential

  • 5 Weekends
  • All 4 IELTS sections
  • 1.1 Live IELTS sessions

IELTS Self-paced

  • 3 months validity
  • 1.1 Live sessions
  • 1.2 Pre-recorded IELTS lectures
  • 1.3 Attempt Questionnaires.
  • 2.1 Solve Assignments
  • 2.2 Practice Tests
  • 3.1 Access to model answers
  • 3.2 Access to online community
  • 4.1 Mock Tests

IELTS Coaching

  • 3 months
  • 1.1 Live sessions
  • 1.2 Pre-recorded IELTS lectures
  • 1.3 Attempt Questionnaires
  • 2.1 Solve Assignments
  • 2.2 Practice Tests
  • 3.1 Access to model answers
  • 3.2 Access to online community
  • 3.3 Live sessions for feedback
  • 4.1 Mock Tests
  • 4.2 One on one feedback on Mock Tests


One of the best coaching for IELTS. Their strategies helped me to score 8 bands in IELTS General in very first attempt. Thanks to Pranoti ma'am, Neeraj sir and the other staff members for their guidance and support.

Strategies explained for various sections of the exam along with practice/mock tests, has helped me in securing band 8. Teachers and staff are experienced and dedicated. Additionally, they are approachable for clearing any doubts, which is (in my opinion) essential for a good result. Happy to recommend Career care to anyone who wants to prepare for IELTS exam.

Authors of the course

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj Deobhankar

Niraj has completed his Masters in Nuclear Engineering in India. He has worked with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and other multi-national companies. While working in a consulting role, he found his passion for teaching. Since then, he has worked with numerous students to find their way after their bachelors. He has a knack of simplifying complex concepts and strategies in Writing and Speaking for everyone. You will find his lectures practical and useful. As a typical introvert, he loves reading, especially exploits of Sherlock Holmes and Poirot, fictitious detectives who worked in England. He also spends his spare time in Yoga and Meditation.

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Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti Deobhankar

Pranoti has completed her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in India. She has worked as Assistant Manager in a giant private engineering conglomerate. Since early days, she was interested in teaching. She is an observant and practical teacher. And that is why she forms useful ways of tackling the Listening and Reading sections on IELTS. Her methodologies are so effective that many of her students have scored a perfect 9 bands on both the Listening and Reading section. When she is free, she pursues her interest in Bharatnatyam. Additionally, she loves painting and cooking for leisure.

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Save time with an action plan.

With well-organised lectures, assignments, practice and mock tests, start IELTS preparation quickly.

Realistic and proven strategies

After teaching more than 3500+ students, we present precise IELTS strategies.

Get insights into examiner's mind.

Know what examiners expect from students and score better.

Learn from mistakes of past students.

Watch the feedback webinars of the previous students. Learn from their doubts and avoid the same mistakes.

Plan to overcome your weaknesses.

With model answers and insightful corrections, identify your weaknesses. Our expert trainers help you to overcome them.

Manage pressure in the exam hall.

With timed tests, get familiar with the exam. Crack IELTS in the first attempt.