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A complaint letter to the authority

Letter Writing

There is a problem in your locality. 

Write a letter to your municipal commissioner. In your letter,

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is the problem and how is it affecting you
  • What actions need to be taken

Write at least 150 words.
You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sample Complaint Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Niraj Deobhankar from Ward No. 57, residing in Lane No. 5, Prabhat Road. I am writing this letter to draw your kind attention to the inconvenience caused by potholes on the road in our locality.

Since last election season, nobody bothered to maintain the road, and as a result, the tar road, which is busy day and night and has sustained heavy monsoons, has worn off to give way to big potholes—these potholes on busy road results in a traffic jam. School children find it challenging to cross the road while office-goers need to leave homes early lest they miss the office. Senior citizens cannot walk on the footpath as impatient bikers hop onto it in the evenings.

As a concerned citizen, I urge you to tackle this problem on war-footing and repair the road as early as possible. I am sure my neighbours won’t mind a closed road for a week than suffer for such a long period.

In this context, may I request you to consider the matter out of your busy schedule? I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks for your attention to the letter.

Yours faithfully,

Niraj Deobhankar


Overall band- 8

Strengths of the writer:

The writer responds to all the instructions in the question, developing all the ideas to the fullest. The writer maintains an appropriate tone throughout the letter and uses a variety of words. The transition between the paragraphs is smooth thanks to the apt use of linking devices used by the writer.

Weaknesses of the writer

There are a few awkward sentence structures. For example,

These pot holes on busy road results in traffic jam. School children find it difficult to cross the road while office-goers need to leave homes early lest they miss office.


The potholes have made a major part of the road unusable which results in traffic jams. Moreover, school children find it difficult to cross the road while office-goers need to leave homes early lest they miss the office.

Read a 7.5 bands letter on the same topic .

7.5 bands IELTS Letter to the authority


Dear sir madam,

I am Siddhi Naik, a resident of the Aundh area. I am writing to express my disappointment with the public transport system in my area.

Body Paragraph 1 on the problems

To start with the transport process is in poor condition. The seating arrangement is uncomfortable, and also the interiors of the buses are never clean. Moreover the buses are never as per schedule. As a result, residents need to wait for a long time till the buses arrive.

Body Paragraph 2 on how the problem is affecting everyone

All highlighted problems hurt the general public due to the poor state of the buses; people can neither sit comfortably nor stand well. This especially imposes challenges to elders and pregnant women. Moreover, irregular buses cannot plan their travel journeys and reach their destinations late, hampering the routine.

Body Paragraph 3 on solutions

To overcome such situations, I would suggest giving importance to the maintenance and cleanliness of public transportation. Additionally, the staff must ensure that they stick to the given bus schedule.

End Paragraph

I humbly request you to implement the above suggestions as early as possible. I am sure you will take all possible actions. Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully

Siddhi Naik

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7 bands IELTS Letter to the authority


Dear sir or madam,

I am Jancy Skaria, a resident of blue hills society in Viman Nagar. I am writing the letter to complain about the irregular garbage collection in my area for two weeks.

Body Paragraph 1 on the problem

As per a recent notice published by the local authorities, dry and wet waste should be segregated and collected at a scheduled time. However, the concerned teams hardly come on time and fail to collect all the garbage in our area for several days.

Body Paragraph 2 on how it is affecting the people

Due to this, piles of garbage is accumulated in the beans, which are placed at the corner. Unfortunately, it has also turned into a breeding ground for street dogs, birds and other animals. If the waste is left as it is, soon, several diseases may spread in the vicinity.

Body Paragraph 3 offering suggestions

I request you to closely monitor these vans in the area and take immediate action to clean these dumps. I am sure that you will take appropriate action. Thank you for your the time to read my letter.

Yours faithfully

Jancy Skaria

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