Essay On Global Warming | Sample

Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today.

What are the causes of global warming

What measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

8 bands IELTS Essay on global warming


The most worrying threat to our planet now is global warming. We experience it daily in the form of morning smog or the drying rivers. The human race’s supreme minds are working to understand the causes for the trend as well as search for the means to overcome it.


The introduction paragraph defines the scope of the essay without repeating the words from the topic statement. 

Body paragraph 1 on reasons for global warming

Let’s begin with the reasons for the trend. The chief cause for the increase in heat around the globe is the emission of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from thermal power plants and automobiles that damages the ozone layer. This layer protects the earth from harmful radiations, not only warming our planet but also affecting the life-forms here. Now, since it is damaged, the harmful sun rays reach the earth, and thus we observe soaring mercury all over. For instance, recently, cold countries like Canada and France witnessed heat waves due to pollution across the globe. 


The body paragraph in detail explains the main reason for global warming along with a suitable example. As discussed many times on this website, the total number of points on IELTS essays don’t matter; however, well-explained points do.

Body paragraph 2 on solutions to global warming

Nevertheless, there are potential ways to solve the problems, or at least reduce the effects. Firstly, governments need to replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels. Such fuels do not harm the environment and the ozone layer restricting the onslaught on the atmosphere. Additionally, individuals can play a part by making lifestyle changes. People should try to buy cars with the best fuel economy, and only use them when really necessary. They can also switch to energy companies that use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.
The author suggests a couple of solutions: one for the government and another for the people. These points are well supported.

End paragraph

To sum up, using traditional fuels and subsequent damage due to them on our environment are the main reasons for global warming. The governments and individuals must promote alternative energy sources and even minimise the energy used.

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