Essay On Terrorism And Possible Solutions

Essay On Terrorism And Possible Solutions

Terrorism is one of the major threats to the survival of man on this planet.

What are the reasons for such problems?

According to you, how can the problem of terrorism solved?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Essay On Terrorism And It’s Possible Solutions


Terrorism, today, has become a global threat. It means the use of force and other coercive means to get achieve goals. Terrorism’s usual means are to fluster, petrify, kill, kidnap or indulge in extortion. There are multiple reasons for the trend which needs to be eradicated as efficiently as possible.

Body Paragraph 1

It is rightly said that terrorists are not born but made. When the youngsters from poor families find themselves running from pillar to post to earn their bread and butter, their initial enthusiasm encounters cold reality. They become biased, without any conscience, when they see the rich people rolling in wealth while they struggle to make the ends meet. To add fuel to fire, the communal or religious fanatics brain-wash such impulsive young generation and hand over the weapons to solve their problems by offering hefty cash.

Body Paragraph 2*

The governments and the people must collaborate on these pertinent issues. Elders in the neighborhood can counsel the new generation to keep their nerve early in life. They may also guide youths on creating new opportunities of entrepreneurship. At the same time, the government must draft un cand execute strict laws to deal with the menace of extremism. Moreover, the regime can create a conducive environment for youth to work constructively towards a better life. Further, in worst case scenarios the defence authorities may train ordinary citizen in emergency line of action so that the common man doesn’t lose the morale in such instances of terrorism thereby defeating the purpose of extremes.

End Paragraph

In summary, poverty, unemployment and religious bigotry are deeply related with the advent of terrorism. The cooperation between citizen and the government can be very effective way to tackle the woes of terrorism.


Strengths of the writer

It is very evident that the writer has wonderful vocabulary with the plethora of idioms and phrases used in this essay! The writer also perfectly understood the question and responded adequately. The two-sentence summary in the end paragraph is exemplary. 

Weaknesses of the writer and solutions

writer’s prowess over the language. In the introductory paragraph the writer states ‘means to get achieve goals’. Clearly this is a silly mistake but has to be taken seriously since it hinders meaning. Using just either of those words would have been sufficient for the sentence. 

The writer in Body Paragraph 2 uses a string of connectors such as ‘also’, ‘at the same time’, ‘moreover’ and ‘further’, which do not connote any chronology or level of importance of the ideas. Using connectors like ‘now more than ever’, ‘simultaneously’, and ‘finally’ would have added to the structure of a paragraph that otherwise reads like a list of unconnected (because of the connectors) ideas.  

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