Eye: Words To Improve Your Vocabulary


An eye is commonly recognized as the optical organ of the human body through which one is able to see. Although it is not unfamiliar to us the various phrases which mention the word eye for example, “Eye to eye” with someone means to have the same opinion as that person. Here the word ‘eye’ has a completely different connotation than the common understanding. We are here to discuss the possible connotations and uses of the word ‘eye’ in the English language:

The optical organ of the body through which you can see. It can refer to someone staring or gazing at someone:


To take a brief or a hurried look

For e.g.: To glance at somebody.

Her glance was full of suspicion and doubt.


To think or look thoughtfully for a long time

For e.g.: She contemplated her decision between the two choices she had.

She contemplated his painting.


To stare sexually.

For e.g.: Creeps at night ogle at women passing by.

Ogling without consent should be a crime


It can refer to someone’s judgment or an opinion:


Refers to the sort of judgment where you recognize and enjoy the good qualities of someone or something.

For e.g.: His appreciation matters the most, as he will be the deciding vote.

Seeking other appreciation can lead to building up a superficial personality. 


A belief or an opinion which is strongly held.

For e.g.: Her political convictions run parallel with the people.

To have strong convictions and be able to hear others is a quality a leader must have.


The ability to judge well.

For e.g.: A good judge must be able to discern on the basis of proof.

Her lack of discernment will cost her future.


The ability to see, hear or become aware through senses. It could also refer to one’s outlook towards something.

For e.g.: Her perception changed towards the lockdown as she soon started to enjoy it.

Reiki improves your overall perception.


Identifying or acknowledging someone or something.

For e.g.: Face recognition is a mandatory security measure in big companies nowadays.

Work hard enough to be recognized all over the world.

Eye- Catching

Eye- catching refers to something which is attractive, noticeable and hard to ignore:


Something or someone that attracts attention.

For e.g.: Rapunzel’s striking hair.

Her striking personality stole the king’s heart.


Something or someone that is beautiful dramatically.

For e.g.: Her spectacular life came from her hard work and sincerity.

Himachal has spectacular scenery and weather.


Something that is clear to eye or mind.

For e.g.: There was no doubt that her manifest intelligence was the reason this mission became possible.

The manifest poverty and suffering of the migrant laborers.


Something that is clearly visible or attracts attention.

For e.g.: Most men have a conspicuous Adam’s apple

Her poise and delicacy was quite conspicuous


A long steady look at something.

For e.g.: His father gave him an eyeful after his fiasco.

The sapphire had gotten everyone an eyeful.


Eye sore refers to something which is messy or ugly:


A mark or something that spoils the appearance of something.

For e.g.: Blemished skin can be recovered with natural aloe vera.

Asians usually have good skin, without any blemish or acne.


Something that spoils or damages a thing.

For e.g.: The barren lands are blight on farmer’s income.

The properties are blight on the society.


A loss of reputation or respect due to a dishonourable action.

For e.g.: “His actions have caused great disgrace to our family name”

He has no shame for the disgrace he has bought on his name.


Something that is out of ordinary form; a malformation.

For e.g.: Her deformity was caused by a terrible train accident.

One is much more than their deformity.


Something that is out of shape; misleading or false.

For e.g.: Her distorted voice over the phone made it difficult to understand anything.

His mind was completely distorted yesterday.


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