Free IELTS Listening Course

For IELTS Academic and General Training

5 Classes

01 Feb to 05 Feb 2021

7.30PM to 9 PM (IST) everyday

Added tips for IELTS CDT

The objective of free IELTS Listening course

When to use capital letters on IELTS Listening

Most students take the IELTS Listening section lightly. They waste their valuable time only practising and not even bothering to understand the question structures and strategies. However, we want students to score seven or bands on their IELTS Listening section with a week’s preparation. So, we have created this free IELTS Listening course.

What is covered on IELTS Listening course?

Since the course’s objective is to train you on IELTS Listening within a week, we have introduced the following essential concepts in this course.

Module 01

Basics of IELTS Listening section

1. Introduction to IELTS Listening section

2. How is IELTS Listening test conducted?

3. When to use capital letters on IELTS Listening and Reading?

Module 02

Question types and strategies

4. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Form Completion

5. IELTS Listening: Method to solve Sentence Completion

6. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve label the map question

7. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Matching Features questions

8. IELTS Listening: Multiple Choice Questions

9. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Multiple Response Question

How to use this course on the IELTS Listening?

Well, most students will be benefitted from this course if they follow the steps given below.

Step 01

Attend IELTS Lessons lessons right from the start.

For 5 days, we will teach how to solve each IELTS Listening question. So, don’t skip any lesson.

Step 02

Practice IELTS Listening question-wise.

Rather than solving the whole Listening section, solve the one question type at a time. 

Step 03

Review your performance and identify the weaknesses.

Once you realise your mistakes, you can find your shortcomings. You should work to improve these skills.

Step 04

Try the whole Listening section.

Now, try to attempt the whole Listening section from Cambridge. You will now be ready for the final test. 

Precaution 01

Solving 100 IELTS Listening tests doesn’t guarantee results..

Don’t worry about how many tests you solve. You must focus on improving your Listening skills after each practice test. 

We will be soon taking these classes.

About the trainer

Anupoma Badyopadhyay

Anupoma is an English Language Expert with certifications from Trinity College of London for Spoken English and Conversational Skills. From her school days she has been editing books, and even had a brief stint as a script writer. She likes to explain why English works the way it does and connect it to her students' preferred language. She excels in teaching Speaking and Writing, giving simple tips and tricks to not just ace the exam but use these skills in daily life. After work you might find her singing, dabbling in photography or watching Independent cinema. Anupoma is a Liberal Arts graduate from Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts with a major in Media Studies and a double minor in Film Studies and Anthropology.

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