Have: Words to Improve Your Vocabulary


We usually use the word Have when we are mentioning something that we possess. However, we have given the following words which do not only mean possessing something. Few of these words can be used as synonyms and others in their own context. To help you understand better we have provided examples so that you can get the grasp of the context they can be used in.


Buy or obtain (an asset or object) for oneself. It can also mean to either learn or develop something.

For e.g. He acquired the craft of wood carving in his native town.

She has acquired a good knowledge of English.


Add (territory) to one’s own territory by appropriation. It could also mean an addition to a document.

For e.g. Hitler was determined to annex Austria to Germany.

The Annex lists and discusses eight titles.


Obtain (something), especially with care or effort.

For e.g. It remained very difficult to procure food, fuel and other daily necessities.

Can you procure some tickets for me?


Continue to have (something); keep possession of. Absorb and continue to hold.

For e.g. She has lost her battle to retain control of the company.

Sear the meat first to retain its juices.


Carry or support something like weight or baggage.

For e.g. Bear with evil and expect good.

 It is too easy to bear the misfortunes of others.


To endure something or to go through something. These words have their own meanings so do not use them irreplaceably.


Used to indicate something that is probable.

For e.g. You ought to get your watch repaired.

Everyone ought to rarefy his spiritual life.


Strengthen or support physically or mentally. Also to undergo or suffer.

For e.g. These four posts sustain the entire building.

I only had a little chocolate to sustain me on my walk

Compelled to

Forced or obligated to do something.

For e.g. I was compelled to do so by absolute necessity.

He was compelled to give in.


Experience or be subjected to 

For e.g. You may have to undergo disappointment and failure before experiencing success.

The planes have to undergo rigorous safety checks.


To contain or consume something. These words describe consumption or containment of something.


To give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling). Also to include or contain (something) as a constituent part.

For e.g.Words embody thoughts and feelings.

No one would deny that music can embody great humane and religious themes


To consist of or made up of.

For e.g.Women comprise 44% of hospital medical staff.

Italian students comprise 60% of the class.


Include or absorb (something) in something else.

For e.g.States subsume many of the responsibilities of governing from the county.

States collect taxes and subsume many of the responsibilities of governing from the county.


Surround and have or hold within.

For e.g.The course will encompass physics, chemistry and biology.

A view of the east coast bays will encompass many miles and always a huge sky.


To cheat, lie or manipulate something.These are the words with similar meanings and context.


To deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain.

For e.g. To deceive oneself is very easy.

Who are ready to believe are easy to deceive.


Deceive by greater ingenuity.

For e.g.Somehow he always manages to outwit his opponents.

To win the presidency he had first to outwit his rivals.


Defeat (someone) by being more clever or cunning than them.

For e.g. It is about trying to outfox your opponent.

Does anyone know how to outfox destiny.

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