IELTS Essay on celebrities getting too much money

IELTS Essay on celebrities getting high salaries

Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. film stars, pop musicians or sports stars) are paid too much money. 

Do you agree or disagree? 

Which other types of job should be highly paid?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

8 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting too much money


The remuneration of celebrities and sportsperson has always triggered spirited debates. Some people envisage their life as glittering with flamboyance and hence condemn the huge payments, while few advocate it as a justice for several reasons. The viewpoint of the latter group equally stands up to my scrutiny for rationales reproduced here.

Body Paragraph 1 on why celebrities deserve higher salaries

Multiple risks a celebrity takes to make a career can justify the hefty sums earned by them. How can we forget the time a star has been bashed by a website or a tabloid newspaper for something highly infinitesimal, which an ordinary Joe could freely do without even being pinched? Yet, they are unfairly engaged in uncountable disproportionate fights with their hands tied to their back and mouths thickly plastered. Recently, the controversy erupted, which targeted Indian film star Saif Ali Khan over naming his son. While everyone took turns to condemn the act, nobody was ears to the artist.

Body Paragraph 2 on which other professions deserve better salaries

On the other hand, other professions such as teachers deserve much more monetary credits than they currently get. Teachers guide the future of any country and will do their job only when they need not worry about their paychecks. Unfortunately, in many South Asian countries and some advanced nations, the profession is so underpaid that the students from the great universities do not consider this profession as they can earn much more in other jobs. As a result, our education system is suffering significantly. 

End Paragraph

In the end, considering the unfair treatment that celebrities get, one could say that their salaries are deserving. However, at the same time, teaching professionals who teach our children must be paid more handsomely. 

Review of 8 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting higher salaries

  • The author introduces the topic well and evaluates both sides of the discussion well. Also, the points made are clear and offer elaborated reasoning. Lastly, The examples provided fit in the context well.
  • The ideas are well stitched with the help of linking words. Also, the overall variety of words used is matured and appropriate.
  • Lastly, the writer uses a variety of sentence structures.

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7 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting higher salaries


In the past, the entertainment sector was not well developed as people from this field were paid significantly less. However, with improving technology, the entertainment industry and the income of all celebrities have increased to a greater extent. Some people believe this remuneration is too high, while others believe that celebrities deserve that money. 

Body Paragraph 1 on why entertainers deserve the money

In my opinion, films, music, and sports are vital in our lives as we cheer for the participants who entertain us. A celebrity takes many risks to make a career, which justifies the hefty sums earned by them. Besides, usually, athletes, actors, or musicians’ careers last for a shorter span of time than that of doctors, engineers, and teachers. Thus, their short careers and dedication can be rationalised only if they are rewarded in higher proportions. For example, cricketers get injuries while playing, and actors risk their life for shooting the movies. On such off days, they are not paid, but other professionals usually keep their regular salaries. 

Body Paragraph 2 pm other professions which must be paid highly

On the other hand, I also think that some other occupations should also be highly paid. People who risk their lives in their job, like Army Officials, police officers, for instance, ought to be paid well as appreciated for what they do for the nation. Additionally, professionals like doctors, engineers and teachers require people with a high level of skills that can take years to harness. Thus, it is essential to pay them well. 

End Paragraph

In the end, all the above points fortify my opinion that people in the entertainment business receive the payment that they deserve. Nevertheless, other professions that involve high risk, responsibilities, and skills should also be paid well to talented people motivated enough to choose those fields as their possible careers. 

Review of 7 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting higher salaries

  • All paragraphs are very well structured with a specific purpose. Moreover, they are interconnected smoothly with each other. 
  • The introduction sums up the scope of the discussion very well. The first body paragraph justifies the author’s opinion with sufficient ideas and examples. Similarly, the second paragraph evaluates other professions on the same parameters and clarifies the need to pay these people equally. Lastly, the end paragraph summarises the discussion and reinstates the writer’s opinion.
  • The author uses enough linking words to join ideas and paragraphs together, making it easy for the reader to navigate the essay.
  • Most of the words used aptly fit their application, and hardly any word is overused. 
  • Although better sentence structures could have been used, the writer ensures enough variety with minimal errors. 

6 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting higher salaries


In the past, the field of entertainment was not very famous or developed. However, with the improvement in technology, the income of celebrities increased. Many people believe that entertainers like actors, musicians and sportspeople are highly paid. I personally agree with the statement. There are other more critical jobs which should be highly paid.

Body Paragraph 1 on why celebrities are paid too much

It is true that entertainers are highly paid. It can be seen from their lifestyle, sports cars and luxury houses, cricketers and film actors are overpaid just to represent the country. Furthermore, they make an extra income by promoting any product by doing advertisements and become the brand ambassador of the product. Entertainer becomes famous, and people like to follow their trends and lifestyle. So, big companies like MRF and Airtel hire celebrities with handsome pay to influence other people to buy their products. 

Body Paragraph 2 on other professions which deserve a better salary

On the other hand, some jobs of soldiers, Scientists, Teachers, Doctors, and other’s jobs with lots of pressure and responsibilities should be highly paid. Soldiers who served their country don’t get much time to spend with their families, and also, there is a high risk of death due to fatal injury. Secondly, Scientists like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Azad have dedicated their whole life span is very short. 

Body Paragraph 3 on why celebrities deserve to earn high sums of money

Celebrities career life span is concise. And they become famous with lots of struggle, practice and hard work. They will get paid until they are recognised and can perform risky stunts. They perform dangerous stunts for their own personal benefits, which is not helpful for their development. As celebrities are only representing the country and take risks for the nation’s peaceful and healthy life. 

End Paragraph 

In conclusion, it is seen that the entertainers are overpaid since their job is only to entertain, which is not the basic need of people. There are other jobs with lots of responsibilities and risks which should be highly paid and are essential for humanity. 

Review of 6 bands IELTS Essay on celebrities getting higher salaries

  • The essay is all over the place. Although the introduction could be acceptable, the rest of the essay misses coherence.
  • The first body paragraph justifies the author’s opinion that celebrities don’t deserve high salaries. The points in this paragraph are vague, and examples puzzle the reader due to lack of clarity.
  • Then, in the second body paragraph, the writer tries to justify which other professions may deserve high payments. However, they miss the fact that other jobs are comparatively long-lasting. Even the example of Dr Kalam is factually incorrect as he had a long career. Also, he decided to donate his salary to charity.
  • In the third paragraph, the author contradicts themself by writing why celebrities deserve higher salaries – a point which doesn’t make any sense. 
  • Although the words used and the sentence structures are acceptable, this essay is a disaster. 
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