IELTS Essay on different cultures meeting together – positive or negative?

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You should spend about 40 minutes on the topic.

Different cultures are mixing today, and the world is becoming a global village. Is it a positive or a negative development?

Give reasons and examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.



In the past, due to limitation on means of communication and transportation unfamiliar cultures hardly mixed; however, with the improvement in technology, people from diverse traditions are working together in most parts of the world. As a result, the demarcation between the civilisations is fading away. Looking at the trend, one may question whether such a development is beneficial or detrimental to human society. In my view, such exchanges bode well for us all.

Body Paragraph 1

Let us begin with the positives of the trend. People from diverse traditions are expected to have separate ways of looking at any situation since they are raised in different geographies with unique historical backgrounds. When a group with such variety meets despite slight friction, it can be trusted to reach a well-thought conclusion making everyone’s life rich. In fact, most of the leading conglomerates across the globe emphasise on having ethnic diversity in their management teams since such teams can offer solutions which accommodate local sensitivities with global feasibility.

Why different cultures matter?

Body Paragraph 2

On the other hand, a few people may resist the idea saying that we are losing the diversity in this world. They fear every part of the globe would eventually look the same killing all the cultural flavours. However, I am sure if we can celebrate the great traditions from all traditions globally, the cultural footprints can expand, and our children can learn about egalitarian concepts such as racial equality without effortlessly.

End Paragraph

In summary, the amalgamation of people from unfamiliar cultures can offer all-round solutions to global problems and enrich our lives by preserving all the great traditions in every home. So, I believe a global village is a desirable dream of humankind.

Learning about new cultures

Examiner's comments

The author presents the main topic of discussion without any diversion in the introduction. Additionally, the aspects which are discussed in the rest of the essay are also introduced in the first paragraph. The author also takes a clear side and sticks to it throughout the essay.

The points are well explained along with examples. The author also considers the other side but offers a reasonable solution to the problems presented by the opposition.

In the end paragraph, all points are very well summarised and the finals say of the author is consistent. 

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