IELTS Essay on eating fast food

Even though doctors worldwide agree that fast food is bad for people’s health, more and more people are eating it. 

Why are more people eating fast food?

What problems may arise in future?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS ESSAY 1 on eating fast food 


In today’s world, the lifestyle of people has changed drastically. This includes their food habits as well. Eating fast food has proven to be a healthy coma; still, people are eating it more and more today. Looking at this trend, one must analyse the reasons for increasing consumption and possible solutions to this problem.

Body Paragraph 1

There are many reasons as to why people are eating more fast food nowadays. Firstly they are not getting enough time at home to cook their food due to their busy schedules. So, they prefer the easier and economical option, which is fast food. Secondly, fast foods are tastier and look very tempting. Therefore, it has gained popularity among youngsters and children. They demand very often, and in the end, the whole family ends up eating this junk, whether it is good or bad. For example, on each occasion, my young cousins ask for fast food without any reservations. Nowadays, to accommodate them, most of the family join and avoid any healthier traditional food altogether. 

Body Paragraph 2

To curb this problem, we can take several steps. The government can start a few restaurants which can provide only home-cooked food along with delivery services. This food would be cheaper, so working people would pick this healthy option happily rather than buy fast food. Additionally, teachers in schools and colleges can help spread awareness among youngsters about the adverse effects of eating junk food. As a result, the demand for it would reduce.

End Paragraph

In summary, even after doctors suggestions, people continue to eat fast food due to better taste and time-saving recipes. This can be tackled by the government and educational institutions’ combined effort to provide healthy meal alternative li and make youngsters aware of the problems related to regular junk food consumption.

Review of IELTS Essay 1 on people eating fast food

  • This is a simple essay that satisfies all evaluation criteria. All paragraphs have a clear purpose, and they stick to the discussion without deviation. All paragraphs are well connected too.
  • The author makes logical points and explains them logically. Even the examples given are acceptable and support the reasoning in the essay.
  • The only thing that could improve the essay is avoiding repetition of the term ‘fast food’. Now, since there are no standard synonyms for it, replacing the term becomes even more challenging. 

For more ideas on the topic of eating fast food, watch the following videos.

IELTS ESSAY 2 on eating fast food 


Globalisation has its adverse effects, out of which one is growing acceptance towards fast food. According to dieticians, this has escalated a few health-related disorders. Doctors suggest that a healthy life cycle can be modularised into ten per cent of workout, ten per cent of rest and eighty per cent of efforts in a good diet.

Body Paragraph 1

However, today’s youngsters are so burdened with the daily chores that they tend to seek an easy food source, which is fast food. Time constraints have created a bias in the civilians’ minds for easy-to-cook and fine to eat products. The stimulation of the taste glands due to artificial additives have made such food items the most favourite. Moreover, multi-national companies creating marketing strategies to persuade their clients have influenced today’s generation worldwide for consuming fast food. 

Body Paragraph 2

Suppose the current levels of consumption of such foods persist. In that case, we may have a clear distinction between rare fit people who have saved themselves from such propaganda and a majority of unfit people suffering from a range of diseases. This majority will suffer from complex disorders of the heart and other vital organs, a fact already proved by Medicine. Worse! They shall be at the mercy of medication, and others help to carry out even essential routines.

End Paragraph

To summarise, the marketing of fast food companies and hectic modern lifestyles are responsible for higher fast-food consumption levels. In case this continues to happen, masses would find themselves dependent on others, tackling diseases that are supposed to be incurable.

Review of the IELTS ESSAY 2 on eating fast food 

  • I am sure many of you could be impressed by the essay. I agree it is very well-written. But, the problem is it doesn’t satisfy the task. If you re-read the task, it asks why are people consuming fast food and what could be the solution to the problem of its increasing consumption. On the other hand, the essay explains why the increased consumption of fast food fails to mention the solutions.
  • However, you may study this essay from the stylistic point of view. Most of the points are well explained. All paragraphs are well arranged.

IELTS ESSAY 3 on eating fast food


Increased consumption of junk food has been a pressing issue for everyone. In the past, people were less attracted to it; however, according to doctors, folks are eating fast food more often. Looking at this training one must analyse the reasons and the solutions for this change.

Body Paragraph 1

There are multiple explanations for why people are eating fast food more nowadays. Firstly according to many, junk food is tasty and sheep. Hence, people like to treat their taste buds often as it is convenient. For instance, in India, there is a variety of packet friendly fast food which people want to consume frequently. Secondly, many are living a hectic lifestyle as they are working extra than necessary. In times like these, they prefer instant food to save time. Consequently, this increases the consumption of junk food.

Body Paragraph 2

We can tackle this issue with the help of many solutions. To begin with, parents can develop healthy food recipes which will attract children and other family members. As a result, they will avoid having junk food. For instance, my sister-in-law is health-conscious. So she papers search for tempting healthy food items at home that we don’t prefer to eat outside. Moreover, the health department can run health programs to spread junk food’s ill effects and reduce its consumption. 

End Paragraph

In the end, and it is clear that people are eating more fast food to save their time and to please their taste buds. However, parents or elders can help their family with healthy and tasty food options. Also, the government can make people aware of the ill effects of these harmful foods.

Review of the IELTS ESSAY 3 on eating fast food

  • The essay satisfies all the instructions of IELTS Writing Task 2 well. It has well-defined paragraphs that are well-connected with each other. 
  • All points are well explained with examples.
  • The author has used linking words appropriately.
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