IELTS Essay on importance of keeping home and workplace tidy

IELTS Essay on importance of keeping home and workplace tidy

Some people say it is crucial to keep your home and workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. 

What is your opinion about this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. 

Write at least 250 words. 

IELTS Essay on importance of keeping home and workplace tidy


In the past, most people believed “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean”. However, nowadays, many people complain that they do not get much time to clean and tidy their surroundings. After looking at this situation, one must analyse whether the former attitude is better than the latter. I firmly believe that it is essential to keep house and office neat. 

Body Paragraph 1 on importance of keeping home and office tidy

There are multiple explanations to support my point of view. Firstly, people can sort their belongings, assign them to the right place and keep them dirt-free. As a result, their homes are pleasant every time, and in an emergency, they could find things in the right place where they previously kept. For instance, one of my neighbours always hangs her car keys near her dressing table so that she does not need to find them in random places before going to her office. Secondly, keeping desks tidy at workplaces creates a positive impression on the colleagues and clients. So, everyone trusts such organised people and offer to be part of their teams, leading to work satisfaction. 

Body Paragraph 2 on why one should not keep their home and office dirty

On the other hand, some people argue that tidying their surrounding spaces is time-consuming. They think they can perform other important tasks rather than wasting their time cleaning and organising their homes and offices. However, such folks may find themselves scavenging through piles of their unorganised wardrobes and drawers when they have to find an important piece of paper or their favourite clothes. As a result, they waste time and, in extreme cases, lose their valuables. One of my colleagues who was shabby in organising his cabinet folders had lost a critical company cheque. Thankfully, after going through each file, he found it in time, but the manager did not promote him at the year-end.

End Paragraph

In summary, it is crucial to keep homes and offices tidy and organized because it provides a pleasant atmosphere and a good impression among others. Although managing a house is time-consuming, it is essential as one may lose valuable items. Hence, I believe it is vital to keep one’s abode and workroom clean and preen. 

More ideas why one should keep home and workplace clean

Review of IELTS Essay on importance of keeping home and workplace tidy

Strengths of the writer

This essay satisfies all the instructions in the task. It presents why the author favours a specific side and also considers what could be used to oppose that opinion. Then the author finds a fault in their opposition.

Most of the sentence structures are well-connected with each other with the help of appropriate linking words.

Each example supports the points they are making very well. The author explains each illustration in details so that the reader appreciates the logical argument in them.

The author summarises the points made in the essay well in the end paragraph.

Weaknesses of the writer

The author could have used a better variety of words in the essay. 

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