IELTS Essay on insufficient respect to old people


In many countries, today insufficient respect is shown to older people. 

What do you think maybe the reasons for this? 

What problems might this cause in society?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Essay on insufficient respect to elders


In the past, seniors of society were revered all over the world in every culture. However, today, while people are busy celebrating materialistic achievements, very few are concerned about the old generation and forget to acknowledge their parents’ due contribution to success. This essay attempts to account for the reasons of the trends and their repercussions in the future.

Body Paragraph 1 on why inadequate respect is paid to elderly

Let’s begin with the causes of the trend. Due to change in priorities, youngsters value their careers to the extent of sacrificing their family time. Lack of attention makes veterans feel unwanted. To reconcile the relations, they may ask off-springs a few questions to their children that are labelled by the youth as an intrusion in their lives, leading to disrespect. Moreover, rarely do we see senior members fit enough to care for themselves. Their physical, as well as financial dependence, is abhorred, leading to disregard further. For example, many youngsters leave their countries, never to return to their parents and family lest they may depend on youth’s new-found treasure.

Body paragraph 2 on what may happen in the future

If this continues further, one can foresee a bleak future for humanity. Firstly, lack of respect for the seniors of a house leads to dysfunctional families as youngsters opt for nuclear families at the drop of a hat. Secondly, parents who are technologically and monetarily dependent on their children are considered a liability and are dispatched to old-age homes, which have sprung up like mushrooms worldwide. The trends estrange the families jolting the foundations of family systems.

End Paragraph

Looking back, it clear that changes in priorities and moral grounds of the current generation are primary reasons for such apathy towards the elderly. If this continues to happen, the institution of families itself will be challenged in the future.

Review of the IELTS Essay on the insufficient respect to old people

Strengths of the writer

  1. The writer has touched upon every aspect of the essay asked by the IELTS Writing Task 2. He or she covers the reasons why the older generation is not shown enough respect today. Also, they write about what may happen in the future if we refuse to respect them further. 
  2. Moreover, the author provides sufficient evidence or examples to support the points made.
  3. The linking words and logical connections are clever and create coherence in the write-up. Most of the linking devices are used aptly.
  4. The author definitely uses a wide variety of words and phrases appropriately and accurately, showing the nuances of the points he or she wants to make.
  5. Lastly, the grammatical structures are sufficient, showing the decent variety and command over the language.

Weaknesses of the writer

  1. The author could have chosen only one idea out of the two and explained those even in more details and elaborated examples to do justice to the restrictions on the number of words. Such an essay could have scored even more in the IELTS. 

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