IELTS Essay on internet connecting people

IELTS Essay on internet connecting people

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The Internet allows us to stay connected with each other, no matter where we are. On the other hand, it also isolates us and encourages people not to socialise.

Discuss both points of views and state your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.



We have been surrounded by a web of the internet which has been instrumental in recent progress of human society at an unprecedented pace. This growth has helped people get closer; making their relative positions almost invalid and turning this globe into a village. At the same time, it is evident from recent relationship patterns that more thought needs to be given to the implications of the development.

Body paragraph 1 on how the internet connects us

After the advent of e-mails and social networking, people all across the world came closer. Daughters settled in America started consulting their mothers for recipe each evening. Text and video chatting made this access even easier as not only the location but time constraint doesn’t matter now. Effects of internet transcend personal growth and affect professional life very prominently. Worldwide access has translated into fast, well informed and critically sound decisions which, has a significant impact on overall business size and model.

Body paragraph 2 on how the internet separates us

However, we never realised that ‘relationship building’ has transformed into ‘networking’ and spread of the relations became important than its depth. These shallow relations sucked out emotional bonding and gave undue importance to chasing a mirage of information. The day the human race became more curious about social media status than neighbours well-being was the day we seized to emphasise meaningful relations. As a result, the rise of internet re-habitation centre is seen.

End Paragraph

Retrospection reveals that the internet is probably the most remarkable discovery since fire and wheel and its justified use can serve as a powerful unifying tool that this world ever needed. At the same time, its unconscious use may throw us into terrible darks of isolation. Hence, a balanced approach is advocated.

If you want more ideas on how internet impacts our lives, watch following TED talks.

Comments on the IELTS Essay on internet connects people

Task Response (TR)

The essay has an appropriate introduction which specifies the overall scope of the essay. Moreover, ideas are sufficiently explained though more explanation could have been better. Furthermore, the examples are embedded well. Lastly, each paragraph has a well-defined purpose.

Coherence and Cohesion (CC)

Paragraphs connected well with each other.  However, the author could have used more linking words while joining sentences. 

Lexical Resource (LR)

The words used in the essay aptly fit their intended purpose. Also, typical phrases are used appropriately.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA)

All sentences are grammatically correct. Also, a sufficient number of complex and compound structures are used. 

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