IELTS Essay on living in an apartment vs houses

IELTS Essay on living in an apartment vs houses

Some people prefer living in a house rather than living in an apartment. 

Does living in an apartment have more advantages than disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Essay 1 on living in an apartment vs houses


Undoubtedly, nowadays, many people living in the urban area opt to live in an apartment rather than living in a house. In contrast, in the countryside, people still prefer a home over a flat. In my viewpoint, living apartments have their perks in modern times.

Body Paragraph 1 on advantages of apartments

There are many reasons why most people prefer to live in an apartment compared to a house. Firstly, most of the newly built societies provide facilities such as a gym, swimming pool and in-built sports stadiums for indoor games. An individual may not afford such luxuries in separate abodes. Secondly, if we consider safety, many residential apartments provide access inside the main building with an access card, which is only issued to the families staying in an apartment. Also, all residents can watch out for any unidentified person or bad, making apartments safer. 

Body Paragraph 2 on why living in houses is not a great idea.

On the contrary, some people complain about the lack of privacy in flats. Moreover, they point out the hefty maintenance charges in apartments are unnecessary. However, facilities and safety in an individual house are pretty expensive. Imagine the cost of the sports equipment, electricity backup, and freshwater back facilities, which could have been easily shared and optimised in apartments with other people. Not to mention the cost of security, especially for elders living alone in an individual house, is high. The issue of security has become pertinent in villages also, as globalisation has blurred the difference in city and country neighbourhoods.

End Paragraph

To recapitulate, one can conclude apartments are safer and economical than houses though they may not offer privacy. Overall, there are many advantages of living in an apartment than living in a house. 

Review of IELTS Essay 1 on living in an apartment vs houses

  • The author of the essay states the opinion and backs it up with elaborated reasoning and examples that back the point in the discussion.
  • The thoughts and paragraphs are connected logically with the help of linking devices.
  • Although the author may not have used fancy words, the vocabulary is used precisely.

IELTS Essay 2 on living in an apartment vs houses


In recent times we see many people prefer to live in an apartment as compared to houses. This trend is fast growing not only due to lack of space but also due to the rapid increase in property rates. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both of these scenarios.

Body Paragraph 1 

Many consider the primary reason to opt for living in bungalows is privacy. Compared to residents in apartments, people living in houses would very rarely be affected by the disturbances caused by neighbours. They would hardly be bothered by shared parking or parties in neighbours’ houses. At the same time, privacy is a double-edged sword. Individual house owners become easy targets for thefts, as it is costly to deploy high-level surveillance on private property. According to Mumba Police, the thefts happening in individual homes are 20% more than that in apartments since it is difficult to install and monitor security cameras everywhere.

Body Paragraph 2 

Now let us focus on living in apartments. A majority of people living in an apartment build a good rapport with their neighbours, giving them a massive advantage in their time of crisis. For example, in a severe medical emergency, the patient’s family can get immediate help from their neighbours. On the contrary, some people in flats argue that they have to share resources like playground, parking spaces and water. Some also complain that they are forced to follow the rules set by the apartment committee, which get approved by the majority of votes during the quarterly meetings.

End Paragraph

To summarise, living in a separate house gives one more privacy but exposes them to more security threats. On the other hand, living in an apartment gives you the advantage of getting immediate help in crises, but people must live under many restrictions. So, both forms of housing have equal advantages and disadvantages. 

Review of IELTS Essay 2 on living in an apartment vs houses

  • This is an interesting essay as the author doesn’t support either of the sides. To achieve such a neutral stance, the writer mentions a prominent advantage of flats and houses each and counters it by highlighting the problems associated with the same.
  • This is an ideal essay for those students who wish to write a neutral opinion. 
  • The essay has a vast variety of vocabulary used decently.

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