IELTS Essay on mobile phones; its advantages and disadvantages

While mobile phones have many advantages, a number of problems have also resulted from them or the ways in which they are used.

What are some of these problems?

What solutions can you suggest for solving these problems?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


In this ever-evolving world, communication has been revolutionised thanks to mobile phones. Agreed the changes have brought the world closer, but have opened a new can of worms which, in fact, is difficult to manage. Looking at the intensity of new found problems, it is high time to search for remedial actions.


Body Paragraph 1

Cellular phones have sucked out emotions out of the relations as most of the communication is handled through these small devices, eliminating the need to talk face to face. Friends who used to knock on the doors earlier have started updating over phones, creating emotional gaps. Further, excessive usage of the device exposes the user to harmful radiations, which affect the vital organs in the body. Recent surge in rate of heart-attacks in employees using mobiles is a warning for all of us.

Body paragraph 2

To overcome such terrible consequences, one must minimise using the mobile phones and keep it for emergency measures. It can be agreed that the versatility of the device compels the user to be around it, however, avoiding social scenarios and compromising emotional values in the relation cannot be justified. One can optimise the usage by allocating certain periods of time. Also, this way the user can ensure that radiations are affecting the body in limited ways: headphones on calls can be extremely beneficial to keep away from the effect of radiations.  

End paragraph

Looking back, unwarranted usage of the mobile phones has led advent of unforeseen complications which have social as well as physical implications. To avoid such glitches, one must restrict usage as much as possible while devising few precautionary methods in unavoidable circumstance.

For more ideas on advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, watch the video.


Strengths of the writer:

The writer has fully understood the scope of the essay. The writer uses a variety of words in their correct forms. The text is free of grammatical errors and the development of ideas is logical which ensures a smooth transition throughout the essay. Almost perfect!

Weaknesses of the writer:

The only flaw in the otherwise flawless writing is the relevant examples. The writer does give examples, but they are not convincing enough and do not strengthen the intended impact of ideas for which they are provided. For example,

 Recent surge in rate of heart-attacks in employees using mobiles is a warning for all of us.


According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Health, India people who are always on their phone are at a higher risk of heart-attacks compared to those who use it for a limited time.

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