IELTS essay on people getting little or no exercise

IELTS essay on people getting little or no exercise

Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time and have health problems. 

Why do many working people not get enough exercise? 

What can be done about this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. 

Write at least 250 words.   

6.5 bands IELTS essay on people getting little or no exercise


In the past, people used to exercise regularly. However, nowadays working people don’t get enough time for exercising and to keep themselves fit. Looking at this trend, it is essential to discuss the causes of lack of exercise in the modern era and solutions.


A very well elaborated introduction that explains the scope of the IELTS essay well and defines the subtopics to be discussed in the essay.

Body Paragraph 1 on reasons for lack of exercise

Let’s discuss the causes. Today’s working generation is too busy with their work schedule as they follow the phrase “work comes first” religiously. They also have to finish their given tasks within a particular timeline for which they give up their health and work overtime so that they could earn promotions or incentives. As a result, these people get too exhausted to do anything after having a tiring day. For instance, my father used to work for12 hours continuously, and after coming home, he used to be so tired to perform many activities like playing with us or going to the gym. 


The introductory statement is too short and could be better. However, the rest of the point and corresponding example is well written. Also, the author doesn’t mince the words while convincing us of the reasons for the lack of exercise among adults. 

Body Paragraph 2 on solutions to the lack of exercise

There are various solutions that we can execute to get rid of this issue. Firstly, these people should enrol themselves for some interesting and rejuvenating activities like swimming or Yoga which can motivate them to spare some time out of their busy work schedule. Secondly, these people should complete their pending work on weekends to avoid a stressful stack of the week and take out little time for exercising. Furthermore, people should have a kind of diet which can keep them energetic for the entire day. So, even after having a stressful day, they will have enough energy to work out during their free time.


This is the paragraph that damages the essay as there are too many solutions that are not elaborated well. Also, the author ignores the reasons stated in the previous paragraphs and offers some solutions which do not address the issues discussed in the previous paragraph. 

End Paragraph

To recapitulate, nowadays people don’t get time to exercise due to busy work schedules and tiring days. However, there are many measures that can help them to get rid of problems, such as enrolling themselves into engaging activities, dividing work scheduled over weekends and changing diet. 


The points mentioned in the body paragraphs are summarised well in the end paragraph.

7.5 bands IELTS essay on people getting little or no exercise


In the past, working people would exercise some way or the other as their work was physically demanding; however, in recent times, owing to sedentary lifestyles, they do not get enough physical activity. Looking at this trend, one must analyse the causes of this unhealthy schedule and think about the solutions.


Above is a well-elaborated introduction to the essay since it explains the scope of the issue. At the same time, unlike in the previous essay, this introduction avoids repeating the words from the IELTS Task 2.

Body Paragraph 1 on reasons for lack of exercise

There are many reasons for the lack of exercise among working people. Most of the professionals have hectic schedules which do not permit them to take out time for workouts. Thus, they lead inactive life. Moreover, many people believe that they do not need to work out frequently as they are already in their top form. Eventually, such ignorant beliefs affect their health in the long run. One of my friends, a footballer in his college days, avoided any type of exercise when he started a job as he believed he was healthy. A few years later, he faced problems such as constant fatigue and obesity.


Body paragraph 1 describes one well-elaborated reason for people not training very well. It has a healthy mix of simple, complex and compound structures. 

Body Paragraph 2 on solutions

It is essential to contemplate solutions for this problem. Firstly, it is necessary to exercise every day either by cutting down the time spent on watching TV and other unfruitful activities or by getting up early. Thus, professionals can practise well-balanced living. Secondly, making small changes, such as walking to nearby places and taking stairs instead of elevators, is an effective way to ensure regular physical activity. Such modifications will not hamper their tasks on priority. For example, my colleague always avoids taking his moped for errands. Due to this, he doesn’t have to spare additional time for gym or yoga classes.


Body Paragraph 2 of this essay avoids the mistake committed in the previous essay. It addresses the reasons discussed in body paragraph 1. Also, it acknowledges the fact that hectic work schedules are main cause of lack of exercise among adults.

End Paragraph

To summarise, long working hours and taking health for granted are reasons for avoiding regular workouts in our lives. Prioritising fitness in life by making some changes in day-to-day habits is an effective solution to have good health.

For more ideas on the topic of lack of exercise, watch the following videos.

2 Responses

  1. In this busy world, people are prioritising their employment over health. They are engaged in their work so deeply that they can’t even recognize how much it is affecting their health. This essay talks about the health issues of the employees, who don’t have time to exercise on the weekend, nor daily.

    Let’s begin with reasons for not exercising. In this competitive world, employment of the person depends upon his performance. To retain their employment, people are working more than their office hours. As a result, they left with no time to do regular exercise required for the body. Even though there is a five day week system in the organisation, the working class cannot get time to focus on their health as they have to complete the tasks left unattended during the week. As per the latest survey by University of Oxford, 65% employed people are hardly serious about regular exercise.

    Looking at this scenario, it’s the right time to resolve this issue by taking some corrective actions. Firstly, organizations should develop such a infrastructure that will allow the employees to go for exercise even in the working hours or organising some yoga sessions at the start of the day. Secondly, organizations should provide some allowances or subsidies to employees, which will allow them to join the fitness clubs on the weekend. Lastly, corporations can organize fitness camps or some sports events which will increase the importance of exercise in the minds of the employees. As per the latest survey by University of New York, 70% organizations are developing a working plan which won’t affect the workers health.

    To sum up, its need of an hour to take some right steps to preserve the health of the employees. It cannot be denied that people have long working hours and busy weekends but it is also the responsibility of organization to provide such an environment which is stress free by organising fitness camps and yoga sessions.

    1. You have mentioned that you will ” this essay talks about the health issues of the employees, … ” whereas you must analyse reasons and solutions. Such introductions are unclear and misleading.

      Consider following introductory statement.
      Your: Let’s begin with reasons for not exercising.
      Better: There are multiple reasons for the lack of exercise among working people.

      Also, the idea that a busy work schedule leads to a lack of exercise should be more clear. Your body paragraph 1 only mentions too much work but doesn’t say explicitly that it is the reason for the absence of exercise.

      Overall 6 bands

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