IELTS Essay on rules of child behaviour

IELTS Essay on rules of child behaviour

While children have stringent rules of conduct in some countries, they can do almost anything they want in other countries. 

To what extent should children have to follow the rules? 

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

8 bands IELTS Essay on rules of child behaviour


Children are the future of society. Well nurtured and well-behaved children turn into helpful adults who ultimately contribute to a healthy community. Now, some countries set stringent rules for children while others provide extreme flexibility. In my opinion, children’s upbringing must be balanced, which means they must be encouraged to see dreams and chase them along while respecting the rules of loving elders.


One could say that the first sentence is loosely related to the topic. However, on reading the whole paragraph, it is clear that it completes the scope of the essay with the author’s opinion.

Body paragraph 1 on having strict rules of behaviour

To begin, if children are grown in a rigorous environment, curiosity for the restricted aspects of life rises. This may deviate them from their goals and prompt them to take extreme measures acting on impulse. It is no coincidence that most people find and taste alcohol in teenagers along with their friends.


The writer explains the point with reasoning. Although the example is relevant, the author could have better explained it to support the point.

Body Paragraph 2 on giving complete freedom to children

On the other hand, if children are never questioned and allowed to behave as per whim, they may get exposed to disturbing information for their age. As a result, they may take wrong actions as their conscience is not developed. For illustration, according to the American Institute of Psychologists, teenage pregnancy is one of the tormenting experiences on the rise nowadays as the liberal youth is enlightened only in bits and parts.


Body paragraph 2 has a well-supported point and example.

Body Paragraph 3 on balance between strict rules and freedom for children

However, the concerned parents who understand their children’s problems can educate kids to develop a sense of right and wrong by providing guidelines rather than rigid rules of behaviour. With such a successful attempt, children can explore unknown aspects independently by scaling every aspect on the guiding principle given by their parents.


The above body paragraph convinces why the middle approach is helpful with appropriate reasoning.

End Paragraph

In the end, extremes of freedom and restrictions turn out to be destructive for our future generations as they may either rebel against society or never develop a conscience. Rather, a balanced approach where the young age acts freely based on guidelines laid by elders is advocated.


The end paragraph summarises all the points well and reiterates the author’s view.

Watch the videos on child behaviour to know generate more ideas on the topic. 

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