IELTS Essay on school students taking a gap year before going to a university

IELTS Essay on school students taking a gap year before going to a university

In some countries, it is usual for young people who graduate from high school to spend a year working or travelling before going to university.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this?

Give reasons and examples from your knowledge or experience to support your answer.

Write at least 150 words.

IELTS Essay:


Students taking a break before joining universities and working or travelling in this break is a widespread practice in the western world. Recently, even Indian parents have started encouraging their children to follow the same practice. While there are advantages to the trend, one may face a few hindrances.

Body paragraph 1 on the advantages of taking a gap year before university

Let’s begin with the advantages. By working or travelling before joining the universities, students can work in the fields of their interests or visit places or people who are already in those fields, thereby gaining more knowledge about their life calling. One of my friends worked as a salesman, content writer and even as secretary to a manager before finalising content writing-related course in university. Moreover, these experiences of working and travelling force a person to manage their own time, money and safety. As a result, students become more organised and responsible as parents do not assist them.

Body Paragraph 2 on the disadvantages of taking a one year gap before university

On the other hand, we cannot turn away from possible disadvantages. Firstly, students who take a break and start working may find it challenging to maintain their distance from monetary benefits leading to conflict between academic priorities and work-related responsibilities. Even people who have travelled may find it difficult to focus back on studies. Secondly, working or travelling at a young age may make students susceptible to accidents or health issues. One of my batch-mates met an accident which did not allow him to pursue a career in the military.

End paragraph on the pros and cons of school students taking a gap year before university

In summary, students can find out their life’s calling by deciding to work or travel. They may acquire a better lifestyle, as well. However, they may invite loss of interests in studies as well as physical accidents which may prove dangerous for the career.


Hindrances: obstacles, problems
Monetary: related to money
Conflict: fight

Score on this IELTS Writing Task 2:

This essay deserves a score of 8 bands.

Task Response:

The essay satisfies the task of enlisting advantages and disadvantages very well. It also ensures strong reasoning with corresponding examples.

Coherence and Cohesion:

The essay maintains the flow of ideas quite well by ensuring logical order. Practical usage of linking words helps to transmit well from one topic to another, though there is hiccup while giving examples.

Lexical Resource:

The range of words used is exact without compromising the meaning of the sentences.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy:

There is enough variety on a range of structures which are used appropriately.

Watch the following video to have better idea about advantages of taking gap year

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  1. Sorry, that would not be a band 8.
    Many points as to why not. Just two being that paragraphs must be third person only, and also all ideas must be fully developed and supported, which they are not. Additionally, an introduction is ONLY a paraphrase of the question.

    1. Thanks for your response. Can I request you to help students to understand a point which is not explained well and rewrite your version of that point only? Thanks in advance.

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