IELTS Essay on separate vs mixed schools

IELTS Essay on separate schools vs co-ed schools

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. 

Give reasons and examples from your knowledge or experience to support your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Essay 1 on separate vs mixed schools for boys and girls


The concept of Co-Ed has been there for many years now. Not only the western countries but also countries like India has many which have boys and girls sharing the classrooms. People have opinions about the same. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this approach. 

Body Paragraph 1 on how mixed schools are better.

Co-Ed school schools are the best place for a child to learn not only academic but also to learn to communicate with the opposite sex. This helps them in work cultures where they daily have to face colleagues and bosses or impersonator. Secondly, when children interact with opposite sexes, they learn not only to respect each other but also to understand each other’s problems. These values help them, in the long run, a lot. Let’s take my friend Ram as an example. He has been the team lead for our project, and he has a team comprising both sexes under him. As he is from a Co-Ed school, he exactly knows how to speak and behave with opposite sexes. He not only understands their problems and makes them feel comfortable but also does not do say anything that offends them. 

Body Paragraph 2 on how mixed schools could be a problem.

Many people believe a high vote of eve-teasing students reputed in Co-Ed schools, which does more harm not only physically but also mentally to the female victim. Eve teasing, serious offence and looking at this activity with strict policies and rules is the job of the school staff. Not only the school staff and management look into it but also the parents should guide the culprits involved in such activities. To add to it, girls who go through such torment should be helped by the entities like the school management, staff, friends and above all family so that she can fight it out herself making them more robust so that when she steps into the real world, she would not need any help from others to fight in similar scenarios. Also, she could be a messiah to others in need. 

End Paragraph

Looking back, Co-Ed schools help build a suitable individual for our society by not only making them comfortable with the opposite sexes in day to day life but also teaches them to respect and understand each others’ problems. There could be incidents of eve-teasing in Co-Ed schools, but it’s the responsibility of the school and family to stand by the victim firmly against such crimes. In my opinion, Co-Ed schools will do more good than harm to the children of our society.

Before reading the detailed review and better version of this essay, you may watch this video to have better ideas about the topic.

Review of IELTS Essay 1 on separate vs mixed schools for boys and girls

Review of Introduction
  • The introduction of the essay fails to state the scope of the essay well. Also, the author’s view or intention of handling subject matter is unclear.
Review of Body Paragraph 1 on how mixed schools are better.
  • The following sentence has unclear pronouns. It means it is difficult to predict what does the pronoun “them” refers to. Is it referring to all or the opposite sex?

Co-Ed school schools are the best place for a child to learn not only academic but also to learn to communicate with the opposite sex. This helps them in work cultures where they, daily, have to face colleagues and bosses or impersonator. 

  • Another issue is the use of linking words. You may notice that the second point of the body paragraph starts with a linking word “secondly”. However, in that case, the first point should have started with “firstly”.
  • Both advantages of co-ed schools mentioned by the author, in principle, seem similar. So, one can say that it is a repetition of ideas. 
  • Simultaneously, the example is well elaborated, and it supports the author’s main point well.
Review of Body Paragraph 2 on how mixed schools can be a problem.
  • The essay topic asks the IELTS test-taker to compare teaching boys and girls in co-ed school against teaching them in separate schools. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t discuss anything about separate schools, even in the second paragraph.
  • At the same time, the instruction asks to discuss both sides. Since only one side is discussed, this essay is incomplete.
  • The first point of the second body paragraph highlights the negatives of the co-ed school, but the second point, on the other hand, offers a solution to the point—a solution entirely out of scope.
  • Lastly, the body paragraph doesn’t have any example.
Review of End Paragraph
  • The end paragraph summarises the points discussed in the body paragraphs, but it explains them in such details that it could be taken as the repetition of the ideas. 
  • Although the author seems to be convinced that co-ed schools are better, the discussion of the essay may not convince the reader whether this conclusion is reached logically or not.
Other observation on the essay
  • Although the essay has a good variety of sentence structures and vocabulary, it doesn’t satisfy the task’s primary purpose.
  • Such pieces of writing are classic examples of why students get 5.5 bands on the writing section when they were expecting 7 or 7.5 bands.
IELTS Essay on single sex school vs mixed school

IELTS Essay 2 on separate vs mixed schools for boys and girls – A better version


In the past, gender-based schools were common; however, nowadays, most schools accept both genders. Looking at this trend, one must analyse whether separate institutions for boys and girls are better than the co-ed schools. In my view, the latter option is superior. 

Body Paragraph 1 on how mixed schools are better.

There are many reasons why mixed schools bode well for society. Firstly, the students learn to communicate with the opposite sex without hesitation by working with them on class assignments or participating in other school activities. As a result, they may develop an understanding of each other’s problems. Secondly, when these individuals graduate and start working in the real world, they can cooperate as they know their differences and subsequent solutions. So, the mixed-gender teams at the workplace can function successfully. For example, co-education helps me immensely while handling the six-member team in the office. I can understand the problems of both the genders and encourage them to work together despite their differences. 

Body Paragraph 2 on separate schools

On the other hand, some with traditional views may advocate separate schools. They may argue that especially teenagers undergoing physical transformation do not get distracted from their studies when they are enrolled in different schools. However, it is noted that children who do not interact with the opposite sex are more curious about the other gender. Thus, it is observed that such students may take extreme measures to communicate with others leading to incidents such as eve-teasing girls in schools or colleges. For examples, according to crime records in India, petty crimes like teasing girls or ragging is common in all states where separate schools are prevalent even today.

End Paragraph

Looking back, mixed schools ensure healthy relations between the opposite genders that can help in their lifetimes. Although gender-based schools may allow students to concentrate on their studies, they fail to teach them how to respect others. So, I believe that co-education is healthy for society. 

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This article from The Guardian can given you even more ideas to write this essay better.
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