IELTS Essay on teaching skills of parenting

IELTS Essay on teching skills of parenting

Most dreaded topics on IELTS Writing task 2 include an essay on children and parenting in general. Most students struggle to find decent points. Here is one of those essay topics. 

You should spend about 40 minutes on the task.

Some people believe that lessons on becoming a good parent should be included in school curriculums. Others think that it is not essential for students.

Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.

Give reasons to support your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.



In the past, hardly anyone bothered whether the new generation becomes responsible parents or not. However, nowadays, many demand that youngsters must learn more about parenting so that they become a better parent in the future. Looking at this increasing trend, one must analyse whether it is essential to alter the school curriculum to accommodate such demands. I cannot stress enough on the futility of the suggestion.

Body Paragraph 1

There are many reasons why this step would be an unnecessary burden on the children. Firstly, parenting is a practical skill that may not be taught only with the help books. Instead, many people realise the nuances of taking care of their children once they have them. As a result, youth who knows how to be a good parent can never learn how to implement those skills.  For example, one of my friends who already had taken a parenting course in school found handling his toddler difficult as he had no practical exposure to the job. Secondly, understanding the role and relation of a guardian with their off-springs is a very complex concept which is still researched in universities. Consequently, along with the regular syllabus learning such an intricate idea can be cumbersome for the young minds.

Body Paragraph 2

On the other hand, a few may say that by absorbing the essential skills of handling children, while studying, may help students become a good father or mother. However, it is vital to note that the skills of taking care of kids are dependent on many factors such as the neighbourhood one grows in, access to technology, societal values and many more. And, the degree of accepting a particular behaviour may change with time. So, by the time, school-goers become parents, their knowledge on the subject matter have been outdated. As a result, they must update themselves later. For example, corporal punishment to adolescents was an accepted norm a few years ago in the whole world. However, today if an adult hits his child, the person is prosecuted by the law.

End Paragraph

In the end, it is clear that introducing lessons on parenting may not be useful for the youth and in fact, it may burden them unnecessarily. Although some may say it is a necessary attribute, I believe the skills are outmoded by the time one becomes a parent.

How many bands does this essay deserve?

Task Response (TR)

The author explains the purpose of the essay very well in the introduction. Also, the point of view of the author is very clear at the beginning itself. Also, the body paragraphs are well-structured. The points are well explained without repetition. Lastly, the end paragraph summaries all the points well.

Coherence and Cohesion (CC)

Each paragraph has a definite purpose and connected with each very well. Linking devices are used well to connect the ideas and sentences well.

Lexical Resource (LR)

The words are a bit repetitive, however on the second though it is clear that there are hardly any suitable synonyms fo the word parent.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA)

There is a variety of sentence structures with hardly any grammatical issues. At the same time, all sentences are clear enough and do not hamper the meaning of the sentences.

Overall score = 8 bands

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