IELTS Essay on visiting places where conditions are difficult

IELTS Essay on visiting difficult places (1)

IELTS Essay is considered the most difficult task on IELTS Academic as well as General Training. To perform well on the task, I often advise students to write what they really believe in rather than trying to impress the reader with shallow words. Here is a sample on visiting places where conditions are difficult.

You should spend about 40 minutes on the task.

Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as Sahara or Antarctica.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend for tourists who visit these places?

Give reasons to support your ideas and examples from your knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.



In the past, hardly anyone set to surmount inaccessible locations such as Mount Everest or the Sahara Desert; however, nowadays, many tourists are eager to visit them. Looking at this trend, one must analyse the merits and demerits of visiting such difficult places.

Body Paragraph 1

There are many advantages to taking a trip to these problematic geographies. Firstly, the visitors acquire adventurous experiences as hardly anyone can accurately predict the kind of challenges one may face in these regions. As a result, one’s abilities and skills to overcome obstacles are validated. For example, one of my friends who visited Ladakh recently witnessed landslide on his way. Still, travelling through those hurdles made him realise his ability to drive well. Secondly, as one faces unforeseen practical problems, they are motivated to learn new skills in life, overall, improving their confidence in life.

If you need more ideas on the topic, watch the video.

Body Paragraph 2

On the other hand, there is a downside to the arduous sojourns as well. Due to unknown weather conditions, unfamiliar territories, and limited resources, the travellers take unprecedented risks that can prove to be fatal. For illustration, according to the Indian Government, 25% of hikers who climb Mount Everest may lose their lives in the unliveable weather conditions and steep heights. Moreover, even if one survives the worst, many may get physical injuries and cannot continue the adventures further. Consequently, an individual may squander his or her health over an experience never lived.

End Paragraph

In the end, navigating places with difficult living conditions may help one to improve skills and confidence. At the same time, the risk-filled trips may turn out to be wastage of money and in worst case loss of life.

Watch the video to know more about problems related to visiting the difficult places. 

How many bands should this essay get?

Task Response (TR) = 9

The author has addressed all instructions of the task. The points are well-explained and clear. Also, the examples are understandable. There is no repletion of ideas.

Coherence and Cohesion (CC) = 9

Each paragraph has a well-defined purpose and connects well with the next one. There are cohesive indicators throughout which tie the ideas well.

Lexical Resource (LR) = 8

Variety of words and their apt usage is self-evident.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA) = 8 or 9

A variety of sentence structures is used without noticeable mistakes.

Overall score = 8.5 to 9 bands

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9 Responses

  1. In the past, hardly some tourist preferred visiting the places which are difficult to live. However, nowadays, it is observed that most of the tourists give priority to explore arduous places like Sahara and Antarctica. Looking at this trend, one must analyze the merits and demerits of visiting unfamiliar areas.

    There are many merits of visiting difficult places such as Sahara and Antarctica. The vacationist who wants to test their own ability and limitations come out of their comfort zone and prepare themselves for an adventurous experience. For example, one of my friends is a good sports player who visited Ladakh for trekking. Another merit of visiting difficult places is that the traveller can face the unforeseen problems that they never thought about. To survive in such regions like Sahara and Antarctica, Visitors can learn many skills and can acquire self-confidence.

    On the contrary, while visiting unfamiliar places like Sahara and Antarctica, tourists may get bad experience as well. Many visitors are unaware about weather and navigational routes of such places. As a result they may have some health issue or may get lost. For illustrations, according to whom? 25% of deaths of tourist happened on Mount Everest. Moreover, if tourists get injured during some activities or due to natural disaster, they cannot complete their tour and ultimately might suffer financial loss.

    In summary, tourists after visiting the arduous places like Sahara and Antarctica may get to know their own capabilities and can gain self-confidence. Sometimes due to lack of knowledge about such places, it may lead to health or financial issue.

    1. TR= ideas could have been explored a bit in details; examples need a source of info; grammar affects the meaning of the sentences
      CC = Good use of linking words. Still, grammatical errors do not make the meaning clear
      LR = Descent and appropriate vocab. Need to be better in spellings
      GRA = need to ensure better distribution of ideas in the sentences
      Overall = 6 to 6.5 bands

  2. In the past, hardly any travelers to choose travel any destination wherein conditions are sever. However, now a days, people are opening to the adventures of trading these routes. Looking at this trend, one must analyse merits and demerits to exploring places like Sahara desert and Antarctica.
    First of all, travelling to unique places in extreme circumstances bring different (unique) experiences. When we explore such territories which are untouched by humans, we get pleasure, excitement and knowledge about the places. On the flip side, it presents many challenges to us mentally and physically in sever conditions, where we must use our potential on the spot to overcome from the tough situations. By doing this, we introduce our hidden skills which we never knew before. One of my friends who is very good at sports, visited Ladakh by bike., It was really amazing experience for him by the way he was explaining about the entire journey. However, he was faced issue in breathing due to low oxygen level.
    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks associated with such journey (trips). Few incidents, which can threaten people’s life instance. During the journey if we are physically not fit or bagged properly then, it can create many problems for human. For example, in Sahara desert one may encounter many poisonous snakes. If we don’t care properly then it can be life-threatening. Another important issue is that unknown weather conditions. (Answer to how is missing over here)hence the journey may not be completed.

    1. Write a summary of all the points we have discussed in the body paragraphs.

      LR = Words are appropriately used. Need better control on typical phrases
      GRA = NEED BETTER GRAMMATICAL STRUCTURE. Some are incomplete or some are too long for an idea
      Overall = 5.5 to 6 BANDS

  3. In the past, very few people used to visit difficult places such as The Sahara Desert or Antarctica. However, nowadays, many people have started visiting such adventures places (destinations). Looking at this trend, one must analyze, the advantages and disadvantages of visiting such places.
    There are multiple benefits of visiting such places. One can really have an adventures experience as he must come out of his comfort zone and prepare in advance., This way one can test his own abilities as well as limitations. Recently one of my friends visited Ladakh and realized he is really good in sports and that took a different turn in his life. (How? Explain with specifics) Moreover, while in trip one has to face many practical problems which he has never thought about, such difficulties will teach new skills and makes stronger in confidence.
    However, there are some disadvantages of having such difficult travels. There are many risks of visiting such rarely known places, due to unknown weather conditions and with limited resources., People might get lost, have physical injuries or even worse people might die. As per Indian Government survey, every year 25% of people who visit Mount Everest die. Also, in case of physical injuries and natural disaster, people cannot continue the trip and must return back home without completing the mission, which eventually result in wastage of money.
    In summary, visiting places where conditions are difficult helps recognize our own abilities and limitations as well as makes us stronger in confidence. On the contrary, it could become may lead to wastage of money or may even prove fatal.

  4. In the past, hardly any person would ever visit difficult places such as Sahara or Antartica. However, nowadays, many tourists opt to visit such places. Looking at the trend, one must analyse merits and demerits of visiting such difficult destinations.

    Visiting such difficult places will be an adventurous experience, wherein one can come out of the comfort zone and prepare in advance. This type of experience will provide a person an opportunity to test their own abilities and limitations. One of my friends visited a hill station in India called as Ladakh . After the visit he shared his views in mountain climbing and stated that it was mind blowing experience. In addition, visiting such difficult places will allow a person to learn new skills by facing practical problems, which one would never have thought about, enhancing self-confidence.

    Although there are many advantages of visiting such difficult places, one should not ignore the disadvantages as well. During this type of expedition a person can encounter many risks as the weather conditions are unknown and very less information is available about these territories. Due to limited resources and hostile conditions, one may end up getting lost or encounter with an accident that may also be fatal. Visiting these places could be wastage of money, if the trip has to be cancelled in case of physical injury or natural disaster. It was published in Indian National Hazard Analysis report last year that 25% of the tourist have died while climbing Mount Everest.

    In summary, one must thoroughly analyse the advantages and disadvantages of visiting such difficult places. Risk analysis and risk mitigation plan has to be addressed and ensured before advancing towards such trips.

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