IELTS Formal Letter: Thanking a Restaurant Manager

IELTS Letter Thanking a restaurant manager

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You and your friends ate a meal at a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and you were delighted with the food and service. 

Write a letter to the restaurant manager. In your letter, 

  • Give details of your visit to the restaurant.
  • Explain the reason for the celebration
  • Say what was good about the food and the service. 

Write at least 150 words. 

You do NOT need to write any address. 

Begin your letter as follows: 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

IELTS Letter 1 to the restaurant manager


Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing to share a pleasant experience that my friends and I had when we visited your restaurant “The Majestic” earlier this month. 

Body Paragraph 1 on the details of the visit

On the 12th of June, I visited your restaurant around 8 pm for a dinner party alongside three of my very good friends. The staff warmly welcomed us and were escorted to a poolside table with a pleasant view of a colourful dancing fountain.

Body Paragraph 2 on reasons for the celebration

It is rare for the four of us to be present in Pune at the same time since most of us work in different cities. Moreover, it was our friend Viraj’s birthday, so we decided to celebrate it by dining together. We had heard a lot of good things about your restaurant and were eager to experience those ourselves. 

Body Paragraph 3 on the food and service of the restaurant

We started our meal with some refreshing mocktails from a plethora of options and then moved on to try a few continental starters.  The food tasted very authentic, and we were impressed by the variety of flavours that were on offer in the meanwhile, one of your staff members got a birthday cake for Viraj and surprised us all together. That truly was a wonderful gesture by your staff members. I think they asked one of us about the occasion and decided to make our evening even more memorable. Each and every staff member, either serving or supervising, was very courteous. They brought in our orders pretty fast, never made us wait and always seemed happy to help. After a light main course food and some smiling pictures together, feeling content with the experience, we decided to call it a day. 

End Paragraph

I request you to pass on my gratitude to all your staff members. I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely, 

Amol Chavan   

Review of IELTS Letter 1 to the restaurant manager

  • The letter has approximately 300 words, whereas the examiner expected you to write a little more than half of that. Writing such long letters will not give you time to review the continents of your writing. Naturally, you may commit some silly mistakes.
  • The body paragraph 3 is unnecessarily detailed and almost bores the reader with details. At one point, the examiner may lose track of what he is supposed to check.
  • Although grammatical errors are rare, some of the sentences could have been better,
  • On the other hand, almost all points are relevant and decently connected. 
  • Most importantly, the author addresses all the instructions and hardly deviates from the central theme of the letter. 
IELTS Letter Writing Task 1

IELTS Letter 2 to the restaurant Manager


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Saurabh Shukla from Pune. I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the excellent food and service I received during my last visit to your restaurant.

Body Paragraph 1 on the details of the visit

We were a group of ten friends who visited your cafe last Saturday evening. The location of the place was convenient and easy to locate for everyone. 

Body Paragraph 2 on reasons for the celebration

We had gathered to celebrate a friend’s twenty-fifth birthday. Apart from the birthday celebrations, the occasion was like a reunion as we all met after a long time.

Body Paragraph 3 on the food and service of the restaurant

The ten of us were impressed by the options of cuisines available. We all relied on the head chef’s suggestions, and to be honest, I had never tasted such delicious food. As it was a weekend, the place was crowded, yet the staff was polite and patient. Moreover, the cutlery was very clean, and the colourful interiors gave us a joyful experience. 

End Paragraph

I would like to thank you for the beautiful evening. I expect the same service when I visit next month for my mother’s birthday. I hope you will always ensure this outstanding service to all your guests.

Yours faithfully,

Saurabh Shukla

Review of IELTS Letter 2 to the restaurant manager

  • The letter addressed all instructions precisely without excessive explanation. 
  • All paragraphs are well-connected with appropriate and sufficient linking devices.
  • Almost all words are used precisely without noticeable repetition.
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