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IELTS Letter to a manager who has resigned from office

IELTS Letter to a manager who has resigned from office

One of your managers is leaving the company

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

  • Tell how do you feel about this
  • Explain the experience of working with him or her
  • Ask what his or her future plans are

Write at least 150 words. You need not write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows.

Dear _____,

In the actual letter, one need not indicate the paragraphs as denoted here. However, such headings shall help you understand the structure of the letter well.

I have also added a few comments for IELTS students to understand the mistakes committed in these letters. I am sure they will help you to improve your writing skills.

7 bands IELTS Letter to a manager who has resigned from office


Dear Tom

I am writing this letter to convey my best wishes to you as you are leaving this company.

Body paragraph 1 about writer’s feelings 

I am bidding you goodbye with a heavy heart as you are an excellent manager I could get in my professional career. I consider myself lucky since I could work with you consecutively for more than four years.

Body paragraph 2 on the experience of working with the manager

I cannot explain what a great experience it was working with you. You were always supportive during my ups and downs in the company. Also, you taught me and encouraged me to learn new technologies as it is an essential aspect of anyone’s career. I felt safe and encouraged working with you.

Body Paragraph 3 about manager’s future plans

I certainly know that you have to leave this organisation as you are appointed in another at a higher post. Even if you are leaving, keep me updated about your future goals.

End Paragraph

Lastly, I am overjoyed for you, and I wish you a great future ahead. Once you are settled, let me know we will catch up again in a favourite restaurant.

Warm regards,


IELTS examiner’s comments

The writer has followed almost all instructions well as well as maintained a semi-formal tone appropriate for the situation.

Most of the ideas are well-formed and connected with each other. The author uses linking words appropriately most of the time.

The grammatical structures are without many issues and convey precise meaning. However, most of the sentences have a similar style, and so the letter may become dull. 

The writer could use even more apt words. Still, the limited vocabulary is used in the best way possible without many repetitions.

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