IELTS Letter to an Estate Agent Abroad

IELTS Letter to an Estate Agent Abroad

You and your family are moving to another country, and you are looking for a rented accommodation there.

Write a letter to a property agent. In your letter,

  • Introduce yourself and your family
  • Describe the type of accommodation that you hope to find
  • Give your preference for the location of the accommodation

Write at least 150 words. You need not write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows

Dear Sir or Madam,

IELTS Letter to an Estate Agent Abroad


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Saurabh Tiwari, an IT professional from Pune, India. I am writing this letter to inquire about rented accommodation in Sydney for my family of 5 members.

Body Paragraph 1 about the family

My wife, too, works for an IT firm and will continue to work for the same company in Sydney. We have a daughter who is six years old, and she is looking forward to joining primary school over there. Also, my parents stay with me, who are retired but fit enough.

Body Paragraph 2 about the type of accommodation

Looking at our family, I would prefer a three-bedroom apartment. I expect a well-equipped kitchen as my wife is an excellent chef and likes to give a try to a variety of cuisines on weekends. Additionally, at least one reserved car park is essential as my company is offering me a car.

Body Paragraph 3 about the preference of location

As far as other family members’ transportation is concerned, we will be delighted to have a nearby metro station and market since my wife can travel without hassle. Keeping my young one and parents in mind an accommodation in the quiet suburban area nearby a primary school will be a great idea because we need not worry about their safety.

End Paragraph

In this context, may I request you to search for suitable accommodation? I would appreciate an early response. I am thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Saurabh Tiwari

Review of IELTS Letter to an Estate Agent Abroad

The letter satisfies all the instructions of the task as well as perfectly conveys the formal tone. It has an almost perfect flow of ideas, making it very easy to read and follow. Enough linking devices are used overall. Word used to show the richness of the language as they are used very precisely. Although the grammatical range and accuracy are perfect, there is a slight possibility of writing even more efficient sentences.

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