IELTS Letter to invite a friend to a local festival

IELTS Letter to invite a friend to a local festival

Write a letter to your friend who lives in another country and in your letter,

  • invite him or her to a public event in your country 
  • describe the public event 
  • explain other plans you have for your friend when he or she visits.

Write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear _______ , 

IELTS Letter to invite a friend to a local festival


Dear Dave,

How have you been since we met last? The last trip to attend the October Fest in your country Germany was superb.

Body Paragraph 1 about an event in the country

I thought I would write you a line and enquire whether you would fancy joining me in India for the Ganesh festival to be held from 25th August to 5th September.

Body Paragraph 2 about details of the event

Ganesh festival is a massive festival in India, especially in my hometown Pune. It is an 11-day celebration where everyone worships the idol of Lord Ganesh, an Indian deity. The tradition is based on a belief that Lord Ganesh comes to our house as a guest, stays with us for 11 days, and on the 11th day, we bid him farewell with a joyous procession. It’s a festival where you would get to experience the Indian traditions and taste authentic Indian cuisines.

Body Paragraph 3 about the other plans

I want you to know that the most eventful day is the last day that is the 5th of September, which has a traditional parade with many local bands performing. The lively drum beats and the dances can bring even the dead to life. I have already booked our tickets as I am sure you would come and we would enjoy it.

End Paragraph

I am looking forward to your positive reply. See you soon.

Warm regards,


Review of the IELTS Letter to invite a friend to a local festival

  • The author maintains an informal tone throughout the letter. Each paragraph has a sufficient number of ideas. In fact, the description in body paragraph 2 can paint a picture for the reader.
  • The ideas are well connected without any unnecessary details with the help of linking words.
  • Although the writer describes the local festival, he avoids using local words and instead uses English words like procession and parade.
  • Lastly, the writer has used enough variety of sentence structures in the letter. 
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