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IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

You need some time off your work. 

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

  • Tell him/her why you need to leave
  • Explain what will you do
  • Offer a substitute to look after your responsibilities

Write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear_______ ,

In the actual letter, one need not indicate the paragraphs as denoted here. However, such headings shall help you understand the structure of the letter well.

I have also added a few comments for IELTS students to understand the mistakes committed in these letters. I am sure they will help you to improve your writing skills.

7.5 bands IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence


Dear Tom,

I am writing this letter to request a short leave in the next month.

Body Paragraph 1 on reasons for the leave

As you know, we have been working on three projects for eight months. I have not taken any breaks during this period, so it’s too hectic. To relax and spend time with my loved ones, my family and I have planned to go on a trip to Meghalaya.


The first two sentences have similar ideas. They could be re-written effectively.

Body Paragraph 2 on activities planned during this period

I need an overall 20 days of leave. I will be in Meghalaya for ten days amidst mother nature. Later, I plan to visit my hometown to meet my old parents and other relatives for the remaining days.

Body Paragraph 3 on transferring responsibilities

In my absence, Aakash will look after my responsibilities. He is working on the same projects and has agreed to work on my tasks as well. If he faces any roadblocks, then I can help through phone calls, emails and text messages.


This piece of writing is an excellent example to copy for IELTS aspirants. Ideas are clear and move forward in the story. Also, he uses conditional sentences to show off his maturity in writing. And at the same time, they need not use unnecessary linking words. 

End Paragraph

I request you to approve my leave. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hakeem Singh

7 bands IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

Dear Magan,

I plan to take two weeks off as I need some time to prepare for the English language test, IELTS.

As you are aware, I plan to migrate to the UK, for which I must clear an English proficiency test. After migration, I can avail a better job opportunity and salary over there. Moreover, my daughter can get a world-class education.


Although the author has kept their ideas clear, mentioning the daughter briefly seems disconnected from the rest of the letter. 

I will need an overall 14 days of leave starting from coming Monday. In these days, I can prepare and appear for a few mock tests before appearing for the final exam.

In my absence, Samriddhi can handle my tasks. I will arrange a knowledge transfer session tomorrow so that she can catch up with the scope of my responsibilities. Moreover, she will continue to work on her duties as planned in the project schedule.

I request you to approve my leaves. In case needed, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be available on my phone as well as by email. Thank you.

Kind regards

Samantha Fox

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Another 7 bands IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

Dear Mr Smith

I am writing this letter to seek permission to have some time off work.

I am getting married next month in March and need some personal time before and after the ceremony. Also, we are planning a traditional Indian wedding which has many rituals.


Although the above paragraph clearly expresses the author’s intentions, the ideas of traditional Indian weddings and extended leave could have been better linked. 

For such a long wedding, I will be on leave from 2nd March till 18th of March. The celebrations will start in the first week of March, and the ceremony will take place on the 7th. After that, I will be at my in-laws’ home for a few additional rituals.

In my absence, Ravish will look after my work. As we work together, he is already aware of most of my responsibilities. From this week, I am including him in my email conversations with clients so that he is updated on each project that I handle.

I request you to kindly approve my leave so that I can finalise my plan and book flight tickets. I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Priyanka Singh

6.5 bands IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

Dear Robert 

I am writing this letter to request you for a week off from the beginning of November.

As you know, Diwali is a significant festival in India, I have decided to celebrate it with my family and relatives. Since they stay in my hometown about 200 kilometres away from here, I wish to take off from work in November on the said days.

A week’s leave is sufficient for me as this festival is celebrated for five days. Additionally, I can shop and prepare for it in the first three days. As my parents are old, I can also help them complete their chores in these eight days.


As can be seen in this paragraph, the author introduces unrelated ideas together. As a result, the reader may find it hard to understand the author’s work. Also, the writer cannot use linking words effectively. Overall, such writing affects IELTS Writing scores adversely. 

In my absence, Priya will take responsibility for my share of work. There are a few unresolved technical issues for which I have already documented the solutions and handed them over to her. In the worst-case due to unforeseen circumstances, if Priya is unable to work on those suggestions, I can remotely work from my hometown.

I am requesting you to approve my leave and awaiting your positive reply. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Pallavi Nagpure

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6 bands IELTS Letter to your manager for a leave of absence

Dear Sudhan,

I am grateful that I had a discussion with you about how can I upgrade myself with the current technology. This has led me to join a 4-week long course to upgrade my skill sets.


Looking at the overall structure of the letter, the IELTS examiner would expect the reason for absence explicitly written in this paragraph. Although it is indirectly understood, the examiner may not be very happy with the structure.

This certified course will last 25 days. Since this is classroom training, I cannot attend it online. Not only that teachers would focus on theory, but they also help us with practical sessions during this course. So to complete it successfully, I need four weeks of leave.


The writer wanted to show off his or her skills by using a complex structure such as not only…but also. However, such an attempt, in this case, makes the IELTS examiner’s life difficult. So, use such structures prudently.

Keeping in mind the course structure, I am planning to have Mangesh as my backup. I have designed a knowledge transfer plan for two weeks and a week of shadowing before I go on leave. I have already started keeping him in the loop for all email communications with clients so that he is aware of the progress in all projects.


This letter is written to your manager. As a result, the IELTS reader expects you to use relatively formal language.

“…have Mangesh as my backup” and “…keeping him in the loop…” are considered informal. So, a handful of IELTS examiners may find these expressions out of context. 

I request you to kindly approve my I leaves. I am hoping for a positive response.

Thanking you.

Kind regards

Nikhil Apte

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