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Most students take the IELTS Listening section lightly. They waste their valuable time only practising and not even bothering to understand the question structures and strategies. However, we want students to score seven or bands on their IELTS Listening section with a week’s preparation. So, we have created this free IELTS Listening course.

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IELTS Listening lessons covered

How to use IELTS Listening Lessons?

Step 01

Start reading IELTS Lessons lessons right from the start.

You may notice that the IELTS Listening course is divided into three modules. These modules will introduce you to the task logically. So, don’t skip any lesson.

Step 02

Practice IELTS Listening question-wise.

Rather than solving the whole Listening section, solve the one question type at a time. 

Step 03

Review your performance and identify the weaknesses.

Once you realise your mistakes, you can find your shortcomings. You should work to improve these skills.

Step 04

Try the whole Listening section.

Now, try to attempt the whole Listening section from Cambridge. You will now be ready for the final test. 

Precaution 01

Solving 100 IELTS Listening tests doesn’t guarantee results..

Don’t worry about how many tests you solve. You must focus on improving your Listening skills after each practice test. 

We hope these lessons help you to score better on IELTS Listening.

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