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IELTS Report on hydroelectric power generation

The diagram below shows how hydroelectric power is generated. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

ielts report on hydrolectric power generation

I see many students don’t follow the instructions in the task. Their report may seem impressive. However, they write bad reports. Let’s analyse the following IELTS report.

Bad IELTS report on hydroelectric power generation

The given diagram describes the detailed process of hydroelectric power generation using seawater.

From the diagram, it is clear that a mountain or hill separates the reservoir and sea. So, we cannot claim that seawater is used in hydroelectric power.

On the whole, it seems to be a lengthy process which requires expensive machinery and a lot of investment for the pre-setup of high voltage cables and underground cables which are to be connected to the main transformer station. However, the most noteworthy aspect of producing electricity from seawater source is the need for intense sunlight.

The overview paragraph mentions some incorrect information and unnecessary assumptions. For example, whether the machinery and other equipment need huge investments or not is mentioned anywhere in the diagram. Writing such information may do more harm than good. 

Firstly, broad daylight is incident to the seawater surface which helps in the evaporation of seawater in water vapours. Further, these water vapours result in cloud formation, and when these clouds become dense enough, the stored water from the clouds is released as rainfall. Thus, during the rain, the reservoir of the dam starts accumulating rainwater. 

Once the reservoir is filled to its brim, the water is pumped out of the reservoir into the turbine through the valve openings. In order to facilitate the turbine function a high voltage supply through cables is sent to the local transformer was the turbine from the main transformer station. Moreover, this transformer station has links with many underground cables from different sources such as hospitals and schools. So, when the turbine produces hydroelectricity with the support of high voltage cable connected to it, the water flows back to the reservoir through the pump while the electricity produced is supplied to all the nearby sources of the society such as hospitals and schools through underground cables.

Again very similar mistakes. The author mentions that the hospitals and school are sources. But sources of what? This is clearly incorrect usage of vocabulary. Then, after mentioning the whole process, the writer abruptly switches back to the flow of water. Such discontinuities harm the coherence of the report.

Good IELTS report on hydroelectric power generation


The given diagram depicts the overall process of hydroelectric power generation with all features and equipment involved in the process.


Overall, the process is roughly divided into two types of processes or cycles: natural processes and man-made processes. However, water evaporation, rains, turbines, and electricity distribution play an essential role in the whole process.

Body Paragraph 1 on natural processes

The first part of the process is the natural rain cycle. Due to direct sunlight, the water in the ocean evaporates to form clouds. These clouds are then responsible for rains in the reservoirs of water.

Body paragraph 2 on manufactured processes

The second half of the process includes a set of machinery and equipment. First, the water from the reservoir is drawn at a damn using a pipeline with a valve. The water then goes through the turbine to generate electricity. The electric energy then is transmitted to the transformer station using high voltage cables. Then, the electric power is distributed to the schools, hospitals, industries, and houses from the transformer station. 

Body paragraph 3 on manufactured processes

The water that flows through the turbine is then collected at a pump station, from where it is transferred to the reservoir again.

Review of the good IELTS report on hydroelectric power generation

  • The author of this report has followed all the instructions and haven’t swayed away from the primary task. Also, he or she doesn’t introduce any extra information which not given in the diagram.
  • The overview paragraph summarises the process broadly into two categories and also identifies the main processes.
  • Body paragraphs are well thought out. The first paragraph lists all the natural processes. The second paragraph describes all the man-made processes, whereas the third one represents the previously left out processes.
  • The words used are precise and accurate.

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