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IELTS Report on Land Degradation

IELTS Report Land degradation

The pie chart below shows the main reasons why agricultural land becomes less productive. The table shows how these causes affected three regions of the world during the 1990s. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

IELTS Report 1 on the causes of land degradation


The given pie chart illustrates the leading causes of worldwide land degradation. On the other hand, the table delineates additional data about how land degradation affects different continents of the world during the 1990s.


Overall, it was observed that the percentage of total land degradation was higher in Europe than in the remaining regions. On the other hand, it was clear that globally the main reason for non-cultivated land was overgrazing. 

Body Paragraph 1 on the pie chart

Globally, 35% of total land was infertile due to overgrazing followed by deforestation and over-cultivation with a share of 30% and 28% respectively. In contrast, 7% of the land was degraded due to some other reasons. 

Body Paragraph 2 on the table

Among the three regions, the highest land degradation was in Europe (23%). Here, the leading cause was deforestation which contributed to 9.8%. Likewise, in Oceania, 13% of the land was degraded, in which overgrazing was the leading cause that shares 11.3% of total land. Instead, land degradation was significantly less because of over-cultivation. The least suffered region was North America, where the leading cause was over-cultivation—damaging 33% of land out of 5%. Compared to this, the other two causes of overgrazing (1.5%) and deforestation ( 0.2%) had a negligible effect. 

Review of IELTS Report 1 on the causes of land degradation

  • The author describes the two charts well in the introduction paragraph quite well. Also, the overview paragraph successfully highlights the main features of the data effectively.
  • However, in both cases, the author uses the phrase ‘on the other hand’ incorrectly. It is usually used to connect two contrasting ideas. However, here there are hardly any such ideas. 
  • Body Paragraph 1 is well written, but it does not connect with the rest of the paragraphs.
  • In body paragraph 2, the author says deforestation is contributed 9.8% to the overall land-degradation in Europe. Well, grammatically, this sentence has no problems, but the intended meaning may change. Some may perceive this information as out of total land degradation, only deforestation accounted for only 9.8%, which is far less.
  • From the table, it is clear that the total land degradation in Europe was 23%. And majorly deforestation at 9.8% was responsible for it. 
  • The linking devices are used, but many times they are used ineffectively.

IELTS Report 2 on the causes of land degradation


The data illustrates the causes of land degradation. While the pie chart shows reasons for world-wide land degradation, the table shows the same in three specific regions. The information was collected in the 1990s.


Overall, over-grazing was a primary reason for the new barren land all over the world. At the same time, Europe suffered the most land degradation among the three regions compared to other regions.

Body Paragraph 1 on Worldwide

It is clear that the world lost green pastures, mainly due to overgrazing at 35%. The other two reasons, deforestation and over-cultivation, contributed 30% and 28%. Other reasons for the same contributed hardly 7%.

Body Paragraph 2 on Europe

In the world, Europe suffered the most land degradation. Out of the 23% of the green land that Europe lost, 9.8% of it witnessed deforestation, 7.7% saw over-cultivation and 5.5% was lost to overgrazing. Interestingly, while overgrazing was the highest contributor to create barren lands worldwide, it affected the least in Europe.

Body Paragraph 3 on the rest of the geographies

After Europe, Oceania has the most degraded land among given geographies at 13%. Although as expected overgrazing contributed the most at 11.3%, over-cultivation was not observed in the region. On the other hand, North America suffered the least at 5%. The primary source of loss of greens in North America was over-cultivation, opposite of Oceania. Overgrazing and agriculture were minor reasons for land degradation there. 

Review of IELTS Report 2 on the causes of land degradation

  • All paragraphs have specific purposes, and their structures are clear. Almost all paragraphs follow a logical order and are connected well. 
  • Linking words are used appropriately and logically.
  • As suggested, the contributions by different sources to land degradation are compared within and across the paragraphs. This comparison was majorly missed in the previous report. 
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