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IELTS Report on manufacturing black tea

IELTS Report on manufacturing black tea

The diagram below shows two different processes for manufacturing black tea.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

IELTS Report on manufacturing of tea

IELTS Report on manufacturing black tea


The given diagram describes the two different stepwise procedures involved in the manufacturing of black tea. 


Overall, both the methods consist of 5 steps. However, the two methods are differentiated at the third step into ‘traditional method’ and ‘modern method’, leaving the rest of the stages common to both methods. 

Body Paragraph 1 about the two common steps of manufacturing tea

At first, only the bud and 2 top leaves are plucked to make a good quality tea, followed by a process termed as ‘withering’. In this step, tea leaves are scattered on a rack to draw out 60% moisture. 

Body Paragraph 2 about two separate steps about manufacturing tea

Next, to produce loose tea with the traditional method, the withered leaves are rolled flat, and enzymes are released from the leaves. On the other hand, to make teabags with the modern method, which is a quick process, leaves are cut, torn and curled. 

Body paragraph 3 about the last two common steps about manufacturing tea

Later output from both methods is oxidised or fermented, especially the rolled leaves are spread on tiles or cement where the reaction of enzymes and air changes the colour of leaves into a shade of copper. Lastly, these leaves undergo either a firing in the oven or drying stage in hot air dryers, releasing aroma and flavour before removing 97% of moisture in total.

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Review of IELTS Report on manufacturing black tea

  • The author introduces the process diagram of manufacturing black tea well and summarises the process with basic steps without revealing too many details.
  • Also, body paragraph 1 and 3 describe the typical steps in the tea manufacturing process, whereas body paragraph 2 compares the two main methods.
  • All ideas are logically tied together. Additionally, the ideas in the report are connected with the help of linking words wherever appropriate.
  • The report has a variety of words and sentence structures.

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