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Way: Words To Improve Your Vocabulary


The word for this article is ‘way’. This word can be used as a noun or an adverb. ‘Ways’ can refer to plenty of things ranging from a specific style of doing things to meaning to a certain extent. For example “You are way out of your league” or saying “That’s the way I prefer to run things”. The following words have covered all the possible ways you can use the word in different contexts and closest concepts to it as well.


A manner in which things are done. Way refers to a specific style of doing things usually motivated into achieving something.


It refers to a particular or a systematic procedure for accomplishing or approaching something

E.g.: “Each teacher has a different teaching method they think is the best”

“Some time old ways and methods are most trustworthy”


Technique is the way of carrying out a particular task

E.g.: “It is important to know the right technique of cooking a steak for the best results”

“Learning the techniques is more important than hard work”


To deal with something or a situation in a certain manner.

E.g.: “You don’t have the right approach for dealing with this task”

“There need to be certain changes to be made in your approach”


Something which is convenient to do so but is possibly immoral and incorrect

E.g.: “She can withdraw the contract even if it is expedient to do so”

“Her life has been filled with expedient ways to become success”


A scheme is a large scale plan which is systematically arranged in order to achieve something

E.g.: “The government schemes seems to be failing when the country needs them the most”

“Do not believe in schemes that promise you the world without hard work”   


Procedure is somewhat similar to a scheme. It is an established or an official way of doing things

E.g.: “The procedure to evacuate the area after the outbreak was not started as soon as it should have”

“The state offers the procedures undertaken to remove the sufferings of the people remain incomplete”


A Way can refer to a direction or path undertaken by someone or something. For example: “Can you direct me towards the right way please?” Following are few words which contain similar meaning:


A route refers to the course taken to get from one point to another.

For e.g.: “The route might be long but the journey will be worth it”

“The route for this address is around the city”


A boulevard is a wide street usually covered with trees on the sides.

For e.g.: “The boulevard the king built is beautiful”

“The closest thing to a boulevard one can get in these cities, are streets filled with cars”


A track which has a way or a path

For e.g.: “The pathway leads to a hidden cave at the end of it”

“The pathway is lined with eucalyptus trees on its sides”


Headway is a forward movement usually slow and difficult

For e.g.: “The people made headway towards the exit”

“The secretary made no headway towards the mayor’s downfall”


Way is also the characteristic of something or a specific style of doing things. For example: “Let him work in his way, and he will let you work in yours”. Now, refer to the following words for similar meaning:


It refers to a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action

For e.g.: “The two were perfect for each other but the circumstances were unfavorable for them”

“He worked really hard until the circumstances changed for the worse”


A popular or the latest style

For e.g.: “This way of doing things can be the new fashion of the industry”

“You keep this fashion of yours and we will keep blooming”


It refers to a state of something related to its appearance or quality.

For e.g.: “The condition of our planet keeps getting worse day by day”

“His condition has gotten better since you brought him in here”


Fettle is another synonym for condition. It can be used interchangeably

For e.g.: “The company is in fine fettle since the campaign”

“His fettle seems weak”


Someone’s manner of walking

For e.g.: “His gait is loopy”

“His confidence is projected through his gait”


The way of doing things, or in the style it happens

For e.g.: “This is not the normal manner of how thing proceed here”

“It needed fixing because it was dealt without proper manner”

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